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"If it works it would revolutionize the way ships would be made in the ..."

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Wind Ship “Vindskip” Would Use Its Hull As a Sail

In another approach to improve cargo ship design using wind power, Lade AS has developed plans to construct a hybrid cargo ship. The Vindskip, (“wind ship” in Norwegian) would use its own hull to channel wind as a sail or airplane wing does. Powered partially by a natural-gas fired engine, the external design of the ship would generate lift to assist its forward movement. In order to travel in the most optimal conditions possible, Vindskip's systems would constantly calculate both the buy viagra professional direction and cialis cheap canadian pharmacy speed of the wind. Using the “apparent wind” (the wind as moving objects experience it), Lade AS claims, these systems would allow Vindskip to have a positive pull at a minimum of buy levitra in uk 45 percent of its time en route, traveling at speeds of +16 knots.

The company estimates this design would reduce emissions by 80 percent and fuel costs by 60 percent. While a small model was tested at Cranfield University's wind tunnel with success, the projected efficiencies have yet to be tested at full scale.

hat tip: @TobiasBuckell

image via Lade AS

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Danger of capsizing?
written by Michael Sells, October 02, 2013
This looks very top heavy. Would it be more vulnerable to capsizing or fatal damage if it was hit broadside by a freak wave or stormy conditions?
Bad links
written by Chris Squire, October 06, 2013
The links in this story are all bad.
Good idea
written by truck transport company, October 09, 2013
The idea itself is good, I'm just not sure if it is safe enough? Here I can agree with the first comment.
written by Briquette maker, October 14, 2013
If it works it would revolutionize the way ships would be made in the future

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