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"I forgot to mention that the ICE would be removed and viagra next day delivery an electric moto..."

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KAIST Bus Charges Itself En Route

There are many solutions, proposed or in development, to address the “range anxiety” EVs produce, from implementing fuel cells to self-propelled trailers. The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed another solution to tackle the problem. The system, called OLEV (online electric vehicle), lets vehicles charge themselves while on the road or even when stationary.

Last month, two self-charging buses outfitted with OLEV took to the road in Gumi, a city in central South Korea, carrying commuters along a 15-mile roundtrip route. These buses are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, charged by electric cables under the road. These cables create a magnetic field, which a receiving device under the OLEV converts into electricity, wirelessly charging the batteries on find the cheapest viagra for sale board.

While range anxiety is a major challenge for the EV industry at large, unfortunately this solution isn’t one that’s easily transferred to all EVs--unless many, many more roads were equipped with the technology, too--and overhead cables still remain easier to install. Nevertheless, this system application already has plans to expand, with 10 more buses set to hit the levitra soft tabs 100 mg road in Gumi by 2015.

via: IEEE Spectrum

image via KAIST

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Electric busses: another look
written by JOSÉ DE SOUZA, September 19, 2013
However another kind of electric bus is possible: one that does away with propulsion batteries and most of the overhead wiring associated with conventional batteryless electric busses. That might be a crossover between a series hydraulic hybrid bus ( see, for instance: and Siemens'pantographs for electric trolleytrucks (see, for instance: It would resemble a kind of trolleybus without the overhead wires along most of the route. Wouldn't it also be worth considering, before anything unnecessarily more complex aimed at just providing recharging power?
Electric busses: another look (addendum)
written by JOSÉ DE SOUZA, September 19, 2013
I forgot to mention that the ICE would be removed and an electric motor would take its place in the hydraulic hybrid bus considered. Apologies for the slip.

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