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JUL 08

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MIT's Solar System Estimates City's Solar Power Potential

Researchers at MIT have developed a new 3D solar potential mapping tool. The first rooftop solar mapping module of the Mapdwell platform, Solar System is available to anyone with Internet access. Incorporating factors ranging from roof angles and surface temperatures to local weather data and physical obstructions,

Solar System has been able to predict within 4 to 10 percent of photovoltaic (PV) panels' annual electricity yield during testing. MIT's home city of Cambridge, Massachusetts is the first to get a complete solar map of its 17,000 rooftops. According to Solar System, if PV panels were installed at all rooftop locations deemed "good" or better, they could provide one third of the city's energy needs for roughly $2.8 billion.

Solar System is inviting to play with and easy to tramadol cheap discount use. But for all of the data it offers on potential expenses, tax credits, and revenue, these estimates cannot replace on-site evaluation for solar projects, as the "important notice" on any "Solar Electric Potential Report" states (example here). As with older solar mapping tools like the San Francisco Energy Map, since Solar System might not incorporate all real-world conditions into its analysis of a potential site, the use-value of the system seems more motivational and symbolic than strictly informative and technical.

For those interested in PV panel installation on rooftops in Cambridge, it is an accessible place to start. As a way to generate awareness of solar power potential, Solar System could also offer those who hadn't considered PV panels for their buildings reasons to investigate it further. However, consumers exploring the wow)) levitra how much possibilities on the map can only determine what PV panels may potentially, but not with certainty, generate and cost.

via: Treehugger

screen capture via Mapdwell Solar System

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Head Honcho :-)
written by Gord, July 08, 2013
This is a grate tool. We are at more or less the same latitude (43 deg N). Our % generated over our total electrical usage is very similar to the results indicated. We generate between 1/4 and 1/3 of our household electrical energy needs with 1,500 watts of collector on a tilt-able structure. We compensate for the sun's altitude in the sky. The panels can be flattened to catch end of day energy in the summertime.

Our daily data goes back to January 2007 so the base is levitra pills fairly significant.

Absolutely excellent project!!! Congratulations.
Great use of gamification!
written by Yu-kai Chou, July 14, 2013
Great write up. Thanks a lot! There are lots of great uses of gamification in the sustainability and energy field. Even though using virtual simulations are a bit more counted as the "serious games" space, but I consider that as Explicit Gamification. I recently wrote a post about the Top 10 Social Gamification Examples that will Literally Save the World You might want to cheap no perscription viagra check it out, especially energy-savers like RecycleBank and OPower.
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solar power system
written by aiya rogers, August 07, 2013
Solar power system is the solution in the present situation of the economy. With the cost of the energy increasing, you must be thankful that solar power system was invented. You just need to have the budget to purchase it and pay for the taxes and others.
Solar Power - Eco-friendly and Cost Effective Source of Energy
written by Pool Heater Solar, August 28, 2013
Solar energy systems have very little impact on the environment, making them one of the cleanest power-generating technologies available today. They produce no air pollution, hazardous waste, or noise that can harm to the environment. The more electricity and heat that we convert from the sun’s rays decreases our reliance and dependence on fossil fuels and on levitra overnight delivery imported sources of energy.
Great Innovation
written by Solar Power Brisbane, December 29, 2013
MIT is doing excellent work here. There needs to be more innovative, scientific solutions like this to encourage the deployment of discount levitra levitra solar power and energy monitoring on a larger scale throughout the world.

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