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DEC 09

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"I've been using the Battery Xtender for a couple years now. I'm able ..."

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EcoGeek Holiday Battery Guide


No matter what you get for your loved ones this Christmas, you're likely to uk cialis sales need some batteries for it. Whether the online levitra devices comes with on-board in a proprietary casing, or a "batteries no included" label, it's important to consider what juices your gifts.

First Rule of Holiday Power Supplies: Never buy anything that has standard batteries included. Alkalines are evill and, if they're included with a device, they are likely also horribly cheap and canadian pharamacy viagra inadequate.

Second Rule: Avoid Alkalines. At all costs! Anything that is expensive, made of heavy metals and disposable is bad for you, your bank account and the environment. You don't have to bother as much with recycling if you use can re-use your batteries.

Third Rule: If you do use alkalines, buy an alkaline recharger. "Alkaline recharger?"  you ask?  Yes, they do exist, and though they're fairly expensive, they're great if you can remember to never charge them all the way down. At that point, the batteries become unusable. But if you keep some juice in them all the time, you'll have the batteries for 10 to 15 times longer.batteries

Fourth Rule: Try to Stick with the standards. While on-board proprietary battery packs often provide more power per gram, they are more expensive to produce, and thus more expensive to replace. They're also a heck of a lot harder for the recycling folks to handle. If you're not dealing with a super-high powered, necessarily light-weight device, it's best to sell viagra buy something that can take AA or AAAs.
And the Final Rule: PRECHARGE. There's nothing worse than that three-hour Christmas morning charge, when you know you've got a fancy new digicam, but you can't actually use it because the cialis canadian gift giver didn't have the courtesy to pre-charge some batteries for you.

Of course, the precharge can now be avoided if you include some Hybrio's on your christmas list. These standard-size rechargeable NiMH's hold their charge as well as alkalines and thus can be used the moment you open the package.

Finally, here's my battery ranking based on cost, performance, toxicity and recyclability.

1. Li-ion
2. NiMH
3. NiCD
4. Lead Acid (which you probably will never see anyway)
5. Alkaline

Note: Li-ion batteries do levitra web sites come in standard sizes, but shouldn't be used in unapproved devices.
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Lead Acid
written by rob, December 10, 2006
If you use cycle lights, converting them to run on lead acid batteries works very well. You buy small lead acid batteries and a appropriate charger from shops like Maplins (in the UK).
A 6v one is a good choice and most bike shops still stock dynamo 6v bulbs that will fit standard bike lights, all you need to do then is a bit of wiring to run power from the saddlebag, or wherever.

Lead Acid has great advantages over ni-cad and wow)) pill price cialis ni-mh. Choose a decent size battery and it will have much better capacity, it will also be more reliable (ni-cads seem to go dud fairly regulary) and you can recharge it at any time and it doesn't matter if you don't have time for a full charge.

written by Ira carlin, December 10, 2006
Thank you for endorsing the Battery Xtender as a way to buy tramadol cod 50 states save money and the environment when using alkaline batteries. BUT, you cannot bring a draw full of "dead" batteries back to life. You can only extend their useful life many times over by rechargeing them BEFORE they are dead. The earlier in their useful life that they are charged will dictate how many life cylcles they can be extended. The unit will also recharge rechargeable batteries at the same time. You can expect to extend the where to buy viagra disposable alkalines batteries useful life 10-15 times more using a Battery Xtender if you never cyharged them and ran them straight down to dead.
Lead v Nickel
written by Hank, December 11, 2006
Rob, good points all, my I go with NiMH over lead acid because lead is toxic and, though it's not a big deal if it's recycled, it is often not recycled. NiCd's have the same problem, since cadmium is also toxic.

And while NiMH's do suffer from the memory effect (you have to charge them all the way down and all the way up every time) the fact that they don't usually contain toxic metals puts them on the top of my list.
Dear President Carlin
written by Hank, December 11, 2006
Hey Ira,
Thanks for taking note of the post and for correcting me on buy levitra from china that one. I'll make the appropriate changes and also write up a more complete post on the xtender and how it works.
A $1 circuit to recharge alaline batteri
written by gnomic, December 11, 2006
A simple DIY recharger. After two full days of charging the AAs eventually popped open making a fizz noise, and leaked 3 drops of weak acid that was easily cleaned up with my bare hands. The experience was about as life threatening as a squirrel urinating on my lawn. The final measured voltage that killed it was 2.0V, which doesn't surprise me. Charging a 1.5V battery past 1.8V is kinda dumb.
Battery Xtender
written by brandonjp, April 02, 2007
well...i just ordered a Battery Xtender - we'll see how it lives up to the hype - I wish it could do 9V's but we can't have everything!
Forgot LiPo?
written by Deacon, May 22, 2007
What about Lithium Polymer for your list? LiPo is very powerful stuff but a bit expensive and needs an advanced charger.
Battery Xtender
written by Leon, April 01, 2008
I've been using the Battery Xtender for a couple years now. I'm able to run my batteries down pretty far and still recharge them. Also I've found that, despite the advertising of 10-15 recharges per battery, I get about 5 before they start to leak. Five recharges of a "non-rechargeable" battery is really very good, though. The other caveat about it is that for devices that draw a lot of power, performance with recharged alkalines can be disappointing. In particular, they tend to run down much sooner than fresh ones on such devices.

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