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JAN 24

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"Well, coming from Europe I love diesel cars. I had 2 compact 7 seaters..."

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Volkswagen Introduces a Diesel Hybrid SUV

Perhaps the most interesting of the new vehicles unveiled at this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is a new midsize SUV from Volkswagen that merges VW diesel with electric hybrid drive called the Cross Blue.

The Cross Blue SUV is especially designed for the American market. It is a midsize SUV with 6- or 7-seat options. The Cross Blue has a diesel TDI engine along with 2 electric motors and cialis for sale online has an EPA rating of 89 MPGe. With a 9.8 kWh lithium ion battery pack it has an all-electric driving range of 21 miles (33 km).

Volkswagen has been working on diesel hybrid concepts for a while, and Mercedes had a diesel hybrid concept SUV a few years back that had a number of similarities to the online sellers of cialis and viagra VW Cross Blue. In 2010, Peugeot introduced the first diesel hybrid production car, although it was only available in Europe. But this still seems like a mainstream breakthrough for the idea of a clean diesel hybrid vehicle in an appropriate package.

The Cross Blue SUV is expected to buying viagra uk begin production at VW's plant in Tennessee in 2015.

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written by Doc Rings, January 25, 2013
Been waiting for a diesel/hybrid for a loooong time... seemed a no brainer. Glad one is here, and it's a practical family SUV, to boot! Kudos to you, Volkswagen!
written by karl, January 26, 2013
Mark my words--this thing will sell like hotcakes. VW will pass toyota in a few short years if they don't respond with competition for a vehicle like this. It is what America wants, a family car that gets 88 MPGe.
Why can't the US design vehicles like this?
written by kontologist, January 27, 2013
The US auto industry received huge handouts from the government when the GFC hit. Where are the results of these handouts?

Why is it that a foreign company gets it right and the US gets it wrong? I am guessing that Germans really are superior in engineering and design capability.
American market, what else?
written by Christian, January 27, 2013
What other market could a 2 tons of steel monster with an eco label target?
written by Uncle Andrew, January 28, 2013
You're right, Christian; everyone who would even think of purchasing one of these 88 MPG vehicles should instead....what? Cram their 6 kids into a Smart Car? Buy an 11 MPG Suburban to more closely match your bias? Hang their heads in shame and use the extra BTUs from their blush-inflamed capillaries to power a small Stirling cycle generator? smilies/tongue.gif
written by TemK, January 28, 2013
VW should sell it next year.
Lucky american people
written by dreadcast, January 29, 2013
Hi all,
You guys don't know how lucky you are not to have 80% of private cars running on diesel...
Here, in Europe, we can hardly breath thanks to these ******** (VW, Peugeot, Renault, Opel, Benz, etc).
Don't let them poison America's air with those *****
Blue Cross SUV is a breakthrough
written by Paul Akerhielm , January 29, 2013
This will be a game changer, if it comes to buy kamagra market at an affordable price. I was waiting for the Grand Cherokee TDi, but always had reservations about the buy levitra on line reliability of Chrysler products, being accustomed to Toyota/Honda's high reliability. I shall now certainly wait to see if the Cross Blue comes to market. I believe it will sell very well. Auto marketing people are generally too cynical and underestimate the intelligence and awareness of only now order cheapest levitra online customers concerning the threat to our quality of life stemming from global warming.
Sorry !! I cannot Afford Diesel
written by Christina, January 30, 2013
I liked all the features but Diesel is link for you viagra tadalafil the main thing that always prevents me from buying such cars.
VW Cross Blue means Code Blue for US auto sales!
written by edward ford, January 30, 2013
If Volkswagen delivers this prototype to market anywhere near the claims they are making it will be Code Blue for US auto sales! If the safety ratings are on par with the no prior prescription tramadol performance then a new Automobile leader has emerged! I have long since been a fan of the manufacturer and for one am glad to see them turning the corner. Kudos to all involved! The bigger the risk the bigger the reward! I am calling a dealership today to see how far in advance I can pre-order.
Absurd Comment
written by Dismayed, January 30, 2013
"You're right, Christian; everyone who would even think of purchasing one of these 88 MPG vehicles should instead....what? Cram their 6 kids into a Smart Car?"

So this is the perfect vehicle for the 0.001% of families that have 6 children. Unfortunately it will be driven by solo drivers mostly. Much better to where to buy viagra use this technology in a sedan.
written by Jim, January 31, 2013
OK, so 88MPGe, that's for those 21 miles of all-electric travel. What kind of MPG does it get running the diesel engine (likely with some hybrid electric assist)? That's where the rubber meets the road.

Too many of these new bigger hybrids just tout their MPGe's, especially in the high quality cialis first press releases.
written by Slowking, February 01, 2013
Uncle Andrew, how would you cram 6 kids into an SUV? At that point you would probably need a mini bus.
Sadly enough that mini bus would probably still be more fuel efficient than those monster SUVs. Unless you have to drive through rough tarrain there is no instance where you would ever need an SUV.
There are a lot of car types with just as much or more seats that don't guzzle as much gas as SUVs do. I don't know if they are really sold in the US, but they certainly are here in Germany. SUVs on the other hand, don't sell particularly well here...

dreadcast, I live in europe, have lived in a big city for quite a while and breathe really well, thank you very much.
Diesels shouldn't be a bigger problem than normal gasoline cars, especially since they have to have particle filters installed for quite a while now.
Diesel Lover
written by mark, February 04, 2013
Ok, so I have been driving a 98 beetle TDi for a year and a half now. Diesel is not for everyone, there are larger maintenance costs, and they do require maintenance. You cant just go to any fueling station, and you have to be concerned with the quality of fuel, running a cold engine, and listening for issues that may arise with the turbo and other components. That being said, those that bash the TDi are most likely not educated enough about them to understand the torque and proper running conditions, so please buy your Prius and leave the engineers of i use it generic levitra pill a great company and their customers alone. Fuel efficient SUV + Diesel = very happy american. Now if I can just get a .50 cal mount for the top it would be perfect.
written by Slowking, February 12, 2013
@Diesel Lover
Mordern Diesels shouldn't require any more maintenance than gasoline cars. Maybe 98 is a little old. Diesels have come really far really fast.
Is it really a problem that you can't get Diesel at all fueling stations and that you have to be concerned about the Diesel quality? Man wherever you live has to seriously work on the infrastructure.
Diesel Electric is the right answer
written by Taliesyn, February 21, 2013
I never understood why the first hybrids were gasoline-electric. Diesel electric makes so much more sense. I'm not convinced VW has gotten it right though. The goal should be to use the smallest diesel engine possible, run it at full load to charge batteries and viagra 50mg tablet cost use electric motors and regenerative brakes to united healthcare viagra do most of the work. In such a scenario as very small diesel engine should be feasible.
written by Zack, March 01, 2013
So basically the chevy volt drivetrain
written by Kol Drake, March 10, 2013
I guess I still don't get it.
A VW that runs it's first 21 miles on batteries and then swaps to diesel engine. So, by slapping 21 miles 'free' up front, it makes it an 89 miles per gallon 'equivalent' which sounds fantastic but is still basically a diesel engine'ed vehicle.

Why not cut cost and drop the it's cool cialis woman electric bits, drop the batteries and sell a 'regular diesel' at a lower, more affordable price?
Hope it won't get into Diesel Runaway problem
written by Ali P, March 30, 2013
And what if it would get into Diesel Runaway problem!!!
Only 2 problems
written by Jim, April 08, 2013
The first problem is that it is a diesel. In our area, diesel is can viagra be taken by women hard to find, and when you do find it is easily 50 or $.60 more than regular unleaded.
The 2nd problem is that it is a Volkswagen. Build quality and electrical issues galore. . I would love to have the economy of this vehicle, but I'm not willing to pay the price in fuel or maintenance
written by volkswagen service and repair in thousand oaks, April 17, 2013
Volkswagen is one of the leading auto industry around Europe and basically it is one of the German auto maker which market is now much developed in Sub-continent.
Really its making its mark in auto industry very well.
It is now making diesel SUVs and i think it will make a huge change in automobile industries.
written by Nelson, June 04, 2013
Electric car is the latest invention in automobile sector. It has no doubt that it is very friendly to our environment and helps to make pollution free. Generally it is so easy to manage an electrical car and drive.
Use of electricity in place of fuels will somehow help to save the environment. It is because using electricity to run vehicles reduces the smoke and 36 hour viagra it helps to reduce the air pollution. Air pollution is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. So the charging vehicles are really very important to save our ecosystem.
It is a great and innovative idea by our expert engineers and a benchmark for an automobile sector.
written by Virginia, January 21, 2014
Well, coming from Europe I love diesel cars. I had 2 compact 7 seaters running on diesel and even though the engine was only a 1.6L with 156 HP, it had so much torque, it was great to drive. You have cars here that have a lot more HP but yet you feel they are sluggish. This is why I love diesel car. And I am not talking about the MPG. I used to do generic 40 mg levitra more than 43MPG, about 620 miles with a full tank on Hway and 550 miles with mix city/hway. I would strongly advise people to test drive a diesel car to see the next day pharmacy difference. There are no comparison. I doubt VW will do a manual transmission on this SUV. It's a shame, it would be my perfect car. So much fun to drive a manual. But I'll be the first to buy this baby anyway. I have a gasoline VW Tiguan and I'm looking for bigger and diesel so this one will be perfect. I like VW despite what some people think. Great quality and so far no big problem. Can't wait to see it and drive it!

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