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JAN 14

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Finding the Green Cars at NAIAS 2013

The environmental focus from the past few years of car design and marketing has largely evaporated in this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Even more than last year's show, green cars are comparatively few and far between in the displays at Detroit.

This is not to say that green technology is only here lowest levitra price absent from this year's show. While the cutaway vehicles that showed how hybrids work are mostly gone, the hybrids and other green vehicles are still a part of many manufacturers' lineups. For a visitor who has seen several of tramadol legality these shows, the increase in fuel efficiency requirements is apparent with more cars that get over 30 MPG, but it is disappointing to find that there are also still many cars with performance under 20 MPG.

Some automakers that have previously had notably green cars as part of their mix in previous years have nothing highlighted in this year's show, including Volvo and Audi. And the technological angle has taken a backseat, overall, to presenting cars as part of a lifestyle. The theme park aspect of last year's show is also far less of a presence, with only a few interactive ride-style displays.

For other builders, green cars have become significantly mainstream. The Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius and other green cars are simply integrated into the i use it viagra no doctor viagra for sale overall manufacturers' displays, and prominent 'eco' badging and side decal identification of green cars is largely absent. The emphasis is no longer on cialis with mastercard these cars as special offerings that are somehow significantly different from the rest of the line. They now sit as just another car in the manufacturers' range of offerings.

Despite this general trend, there are some interesting new concepts being unveiled this year, as well as green technology arising in some unexpected places. We'll have more specific reports on some of these forthcoming.

And, for the most overused graphic of order generic viagra the year, we'll nominate the car driving on a computer-generated ribbon that then dives and wholesale generic levitra twists like a roller-coaster. Only partway through the first day of the show, and we've already seen this too many times.

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Just a trend?
written by carlos, January 16, 2013
We live in a world full of news, innovations and new contents that await for us. As I see it, people tend to only pay attention to new stuff. Maybe the whole concern about the environment is no longer hip, maybe people is getting tired of listening to the pessimistic (but realistic) issues that are threatening our world. Thus, car companies will have to prepare new slogans in order to catch consumer's attention.
Hopefully, I am wrong.
Hybrid vs Electric Cars
written by Kernos, January 19, 2013
It is impossible to drive green, but one can drive greener by using the highest mpg vehicle one can afford and at least, if not more, important by limiting travel. Two years ago I had to get a new car, so researched available 'green' possibilities. Electric cars did not make sense since ~80% of my electricity comes from coal-burning power plants, and you gotta plug in those cars. So, I'd be running on coal power.

Thus, I decided on a hybrid, was hoping for 50 to 60 mpg which was a bust and found a Honda CRX which was in my price range. It averages about 38 mpg. As important, I've managed to drive it only 18,000 miles in 2 years burning about 240 gal of gas a year—not really green, but for me greener.

Next time I think I'll get a horse smilies/smiley.gif
Pricy Green Cars
written by Ford F 150 Sacramento, January 21, 2013
It is true that green technology was absent from this year’s show, but believe we will be seeing them a lot in near future. Some of the big names in the auto industry are leaning towards hybrid and electric cars. But it will take time for the regular people to afford these cars in more numbers as these cars are quite pricy. I hope that the prices of these cars will get down soon enough so that more people can buy them.
Penn State EcoCar2
written by Arianna Gianakopoulos, January 27, 2013
That's unfortunate to hear that the green car displays were a little bit fewer this year. We are hoping that the larger manufacturers like GM continue to online cialis prescription take the lead in making green more mainstream and affordable. Penn State Students are trying to be leaders as well with their EcoCar2 Team and converting a 2013 Chevy Malibu into a hybrid, reducing reliance on petroleum and look there fda approves cialis significantly improving gas mileage.
written by Joanne, March 07, 2013
Green cars are environment friendly and safe but there are certain limitations that make them less appealing to users. Range anxiety and battery charging are the two major problems that still persists and does not have any particular solution. If these problems can be sort out then green cars can be very popular.
written by Henery, April 19, 2013
It has no doubt we are living in an age of discount drug cialis science. Our technology is so advanced basically in automobile sector. It has been in knowledge that automobiles are responsible for pollution. But to prove it false our scientists and technologists invented many precautions which are helping to protect our environment and minimize the pollution.

They are also under observation and invention to make it more effective and levitra mexico generate a green-healthy environment.
written by Virgil, April 21, 2013
Green cars are definitely the future and we must admit that.For some these cars are really expensive and they are making a lot of efforts for buying and for some are just easy money!
written by Martin76, June 03, 2013
Use of electricity in place of fuels will somehow help to save the viagra generic environment. It is because using electricity to viagra jelly uk run vehicles reduces the smoke and it helps to reduce the air pollution. Air pollution is one of the major causes of environmental pollution. So the charging vehicles are really very important to save our ecosystem.
written by Hubber, July 25, 2013
Before launch a car the engineers test this one very carefully and success in such test is a great achievement for them. The BMW 3 series ooze did its test very confidentially and successfully. After a huge resolution now it is going to create a new image. It is over ally good.
Style becomes a fashion of every one life in this era. Keeping this in front of order cialis cialis view all automobile sector try to give a best model which is appreciable by customer.

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