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OCT 19

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"thank you for this article. I hope that earth without plastic...."

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Greener Plastics or More Greenwash?

While it may sound like a repeat of the Organic Vinyl April Fools joke from a few years ago, new bio-polymers are getting touted as a green alternative for conventional plastic. While there are some positive aspects to using plant-based feedstock rather than fossil materials, Building Green offers a strong critique of the problems still inherent in bio-PVC.

Avoiding petroleum feedstocks is a good move in general, although the diversion of just try! cheapest cialis food crop products is as troubling to us as it is when it is done to produce fuel. Price fluctuations and levitra canadian increased volatility in the oil markets make this a good business strategy for companies producing and using these plastics. But, the core question remains: "Is it greener, or is it merely greenwash?"

Although carbon issues are now closely linked with the tramadol best life broader green movement, carbon isn't the only deciding factor that makes something green or not. With vinyls, as Building Green writes, "The problem is cialis online doctor that material sourcing isn't the issue with PVC--and the biggest concerns that have made PVC the subject of more debate than other polymers have come from problems on the "salt" side of the manufacturing process. Dioxins--the most potent cancer-causing chemicals known to science--are produced in large quantity in the manufacture of the vinyl chloride monomer and then again when this chlorinated plastic is burned in incinerators and uncontrolled landfill fires. Getting the polymer from a biobased source merely sugarcoats PVC without addressing the fundamental problem."

Other plastics like PET, the primary material used for carbonated beverage bottles, are also being produced from biomaterial stocks. This is more of an advantage since the resulting products are compatible with current recycling programs instead of needing to be separated as some other bioplastic containers have needed.

image credit: Cjp24/Wikimedia Commons

via: BuildingGreen

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written by mike, October 19, 2012
"Avoiding petroleum feedstocks is a good move in general, although the diversion of food crop products is as troubling to us as it is when it is done to produce fuel."

Did you know about 7 times more feedstock is fed to animals than is used for fuel? About a quarter of world grain production is used as livestock feed.
Recycled onces are also OK.
written by Best Man, October 20, 2012
I remember that Samsung wanted to use recycled and oxygen bleached paper in the mix with plastic for their products.

It was supposed to be cheaper and more softer for fingers somehow.

Not sure what became of it's cool buy canada in levitra this, but I liked how they decided to use waste and make great products from it.

It seems that at the moment recycling is one of the major ways to make plastics green.

Alternatively, I just wish that non-durable plastic products would become biodegradable, like the levitrabest levitra German plastic bags that are used for organic waste in Germany.

They smell like roasted sugar somehow.
Food as Fuel
written by Eco Friendly Guy, October 22, 2012
Corn ethanol retains water which makes vehicles less efficient and wow)) what is the cost of cialis therefore less environmental while often creating problems for engines. Corn should be used strictly as a food.
Conversion of fuel into food
written by lynn, October 22, 2012
If it is possible to viagra 50mg make plastics from food, it should be possible to make food directly from hydrocarbon fuels. It would be a lot greener to convert coal to edible food than to burn it in the atmosphere.

Food pellets made from coal could be fed to cattle in order to produce milk and steak. I think this is buy tramadol on line a very green solution.
written by Personally Concerned, October 25, 2012
Interesting article although now I am just more concerned about all plastic. Regarding the first comment, I think you are spot on regarding "food crop products is as troubling to us as it is when it is done to produce fuel". Fuel is just not efficient enough in general but the amount being utilized to feed livestock is staggering.

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