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OCT 10

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Audi's Carbon Neutral E-Gas

Automakers have a strong interest in understanding and levitra in canada improving the fuel market. After all, without a stable fuel infrastructure in place, their products (the cars they build) are nothing more than big sculptures. So it's not surprising that Audi is involved in a carbon-neutral fuel called e-gas.

Working with an organic waste burning facility, CO2 is captured and then combined with electrolytically produced hydrogen (powered by clean energy sources like wind and solar) to create synthetic methane (which is natural gas). To use this fuel, Audi is building a dual-fuel car called the Audi A3 TCNG which can use either the e-gas or regular gasoline. The feedstock is non-food organic waste, to avoid competition between food and fuel. In addition to the e-gas, Audi is also producing e-diesel and e-ethanol, to provide cleaner fuels for the entire range of its engines.

This is not too different from any number of levitra online doctor other biofuel manufacturers. And this is not the cialis pharmacy first time that an automaker has taken an interest in fuel manufacturing. (GM was an investor in Coskata, a biofuel startup that got a lot of attention in 2008.) The issue with this, and other, biofuel schemes is to pharmacy no prescripition tramadol capsules make the entire process carbon neutral. Not only the fuel itself, but also the energy used in producing the fuel must all be clean or carbon neutral in order to be sustainable in the long term.

via: Jalopnik

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AA EcoCar 2
written by Anderson Ashbaugh, October 15, 2012
Wow, this is extremely interesting! I am a part of Penn State's EcoCar 2 team where we are re-engineering a Chrevrolet Volt and making it into an extended-range electric vehicle. This new world of energy sufficient automobiles is natural alternatives to viagra so exciting, especially seeing high-end brands such as Audi take steps towards a greener future. Hopefully this e-gas proves sufficient and becomes a global thing. Someday!
Sabatier Reaction
written by WBrooke, October 17, 2012
I always thought that reformed methane would be a great way to store transient renewable energy. Just like this article says, you take CO2 and hydrogen and daily cialis then combine the two in a Sabatier Reactor and you get methane. We already have extensive distribution and handling infrastructure for methane. The problem is that free hydrogen is hard to get. You lose a lot of efficiency in electrolyzing water. Anyways, I hope Audi and others keep up the good work!
written by Q, October 24, 2012
While I don't think this process is ideal, I'm always glad to hear when an automobile company is making an attempt to lead the wow)) levitra for sale way towards more environmentally friendly fuels and cars. While it will take a lot to cialis soft tabs quick delivery actually get society as a whole to convert to greener options, I believe that automobile manufacturers will be the driving force of change for this to happen. Way to go, Audi! You definitely get some points in my book!
Sustainable innovation
written by A Rode, November 10, 2012
This sparks my interest for many reasons - I'm in the market for the best available electric car out there and I'm in an MBA program focusing on levitra low price sustainable innovation. I will now be following Audi's development of the carbon neutral e-gas - this is where the future is.

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