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"This could be yet another breakthrough in the energy storage industry...."

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Low-Cost Battery Developments Could Provide Cheap Power Storage

A researcher at USC has developed a new method for inexpensive batteries that could be used for renewable power storage. These batteries use the oxidization of iron exposed to air (also known as rust) to store energy. As professor Sri Narayan says about his process, "Iron is cheap and generic cialis softtab air is free."

This process that has been known for decades, but another chemical reaction, known as hydrolisis, which also takes place in the battery, reduced the stored charge by nearly half, making these batteries too inefficient to be useful. Dr. Narayan's improvement to make these batteries viable is to how to buy cialis in canada add a small amount of bismuth sulfide (a material related to Pepto-Bismol) which stops the hydrogen generation reaction, and reduces the levitra purchase losses in the battery to less than 4 percent.

image: USC

via: Treehugger

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written by Rachel, September 11, 2012
Interesting...while more innovation in Canada's energy industry is needed Do you agree with the long term solution that's suggested in the article?
written by David Evans, September 11, 2012
"a material related to Pepto-Bismol"

Yes, they both contain bismuth. That is click here rx generic cialis the only point of similarity, and it's completely irrelevant. This is dumbing down.
written by furburger, September 21, 2012
What do you mean dumbing down? It is not possible to get more dumbed down than eco geek already is. I only read eco geek to see what the morons are chattering about.
written by Matt Dart, February 27, 2014
This could be yet another breakthrough in the energy storage industry. Combining a cheap resource with another free one is definitely worth producing as the innovation costs are low while the benefits are a lot. I am sure it will be able to reach a huge target audience in future market segments as people are always looking for cheap yet useful products. From individuals to buy cheap levitra online large corporations alike, I am certain that they will be targeting this innovation sometime soon.

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