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Super, Super Efficient Windows

In conventional construction, the windows of a building are usually the weakest part of the thermal envelope. Well insulated walls can be built with a number of different kinds of construction and very good site rx cialis a variety of insulation materials. But windows, particularly ones that the inhabitants of buy ultram 50 mg online the building can see through, are hard to the best choice take levitra make as efficient as the walls they are installed in. But prototype windows from Super Windows have astonishing thermal resistance as well as good visibility.

These windows are ridiculously efficient. As noted on Jetson Green, "The inventive window makes it possible to achieve European U-values of 0.15 W/m2K, or the U.S. equivalent of R38 (R = 1/(.15/5.678))." For comparison, the insulation value of batt insulation in a 2 x 4 stud wall has a U.S. R-value of just R-11. That makes the windows more than 3 times as effective an insulator than the budget levitra walls are.

These windows are only developmental at this point. Even if they were in commercial production and affordable, they would not be easily retrofit into many homes because these windows are about 160mm (more than 6 inches) thick. The windows are made with two panes of glass and ten (!) intervening film layers that provide this astonishing level of performance.

For high performance buildings such as highly insulated and extremely low energy consuming Passive House designs, these windows may be especially desirable. Even more moderated versions of these windows could provide more efficient windows by adapting lessons from these prototype designs.

image: Super Windows

via: Jetson Green

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written by Voltair, September 10, 2012
R38 is amazing even though R11 for a 2X4 stud is the cheapest fiberglass insulationg you can buy. High density R15 is available to use in a 2x4 frame wall for a relatively small premium over R13 and R11.
6" wall vs. 6" window
written by Tom, September 18, 2012
I suggest comparing insulation value for 2x6 wall(R-21, typical) since the window is 6" thick.

interesting technology. Thanks for posting!
written by Richard, September 18, 2012
Or simply stick with the 2x4 construction adding the R-15 insulation and than make a 4" thick window with a rating around R-24. Of course, that is if you can't afford the 6" model, which would definitely be optimum.
written by Aglika, October 08, 2012
I'm not an expert, but this is very interesting. I also found this - roof froom tiles, that absorbs sunlight and the energy is used for heating! -

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