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SkySail in the Wild

skysailWhile the cheesy photoshopped graphics from SkySail were cool, seeing these things attached to a real live barge (in choppy seas nonetheless) is much more impressive.

We've talked about the SkySail before, including them in the 'extremely old technology returns' category. But, honestly, these things are pretty advanced. Every SkySail sold comes with a software and canada viagra for sale hardware package used for optimizing efficiency of an ocean voyage.

The SkySail system can save up to 20% of fuel costs by harnessing the purchase cialis soft tabs power of the wind on ocean voyages. The 500,000 to 2.5m euro devices can pay for themselves in as little as two year's time. That time period will also likely go down as the Sails get cheaper and fuel prices continue to rise. Already, 30 barges on the open ocean are using the system, and the firm predicts they will be in use on over 1,500 vessels by 2015.
Via YahooNews
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