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"FYI - BELZEBEBUB2 has NOT provided any proof of usefull link soft levitra their claim - their GP..."

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31-Foot Boat Traverses Northwest Passage

With the polar icecap shrinking so dramatically this year, the opportunity for ships to go through the cialis generic brand Northwest passage between the Atlantic and get viagra online Pacific has been so great this year that even a small sailboat has been able to make the crossing.

The Belzebub 2 is a small boat, only 31 feet long. More notably, it is a sailboat with only a 30 HP diesel engine for added power when needed. But, with a crew of 3, this small boat successfully crossed through the McClure Strait earlier this week to become the first sailboat to accomplish this feat.

Although the unprecedented melting of the Arctic ice made the journey possible, this journey was also facilitated by satellite data and assistance from the link for you best prices for levitra Canadian Ice Service to locate an open lead of water through which the passage was able to be completed. Other adventurers have made this passage over the past few years, as late summer conditions have melted the ice, and we expect that this will be more frequently done in the coming years.

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written by Rana Hanes, September 07, 2012
this small boat successfully crossed through the McClure Strait earlier this week to become the first sailboat to accomplish this feat.
No Challenge for a Small Boat
written by Carol S., September 16, 2012
The NW Passage as it currently exists is far less a challenge for small boats than large ones; small boats are more maneuverable and can slip into narrower channels than large liners or freighters. However, the day is genuine viagra in australia coming when an around the world cruise won't have to cialis 50mg be done only at the equator or in the tropics.
World Record by David Scott Cowper aboard POLAR BOUND
written by Douglas Pohl, September 18, 2012
FYI - BELZEBEBUB2 has NOT provided any proof of their claim - their GPS trackline is 'crafted' by a webmaster - it typically runs 3-4 days behind their reported position. If you watch the BELZEBUB2 video they never provide video proof of their position - show the GPS - whats with that? As to a Canada Ice Service plane fly-by we do not know date, time or position. BELZEBUB2 claims a CIS flyover in McClure Strait - IN MCCLURE STRAIT - NOT west of Cape Prince Alfred. WHAT IS TRUE? BELZEBUB2 PROVIDES NO PROOF - PHOTOGRAPHIC, GPS OR SHIPS LOGBOOK. Its only a claim without proof.

What is known is that David Scott Cowper was the FIRST to navigate a East-to-West Northwest Passage aboard his yacht POLAR BOUND using McClure Strait. Proof was real time GPS data sent to hundreds of HAMS over shortwave radio with atomic clock time stamps. Proof positive.


BELZEBUB2 crew brawled in NOME resulting in a police run-in, broken noses, kicked out of pubs, was fighting on the dock and the disrespectful behavior goes against anything might say - actions do speak louder than words.

Now you know more of shop viagra pfizer the shameful story... sorry crew.

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