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JUN 15

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"In response, the robot isn't using magnets but really advanced suction..."

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Robots Aid in Wind Turbine Maintenance

Inspecting wind turbine blades is a dangerous and cheap viagra 50mg expensive part of operating a wind farm. But now it may be possible to viagra 100 mg have robots do the dangerous climbing work, and allow the inspector to stay safely on the ground.

Turbine blades need to be regularly inspected as part of its regular maintenance. We've seen the (catastrophic) videos of what happens when a turbine blade fails. Inspection helps identify blades that need repair or replacement, before further damage occurs.

The robots for this task have been developed in partnership between International Climbing Machines and GE. The first tests of the robot were successfully carried out at a wind farm in Texas. In addition to the high-definition cameras the robots currently carry, GE is exploring the use of microwave scanners that could give inspectors an ability to "see inside" the blade and gather more information than a conventional visual inspection.

image: GE Newscenter

via: NA Windpower

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written by Robert, June 18, 2012
Will this be utilizing MAGNETS?! I hope so. I'm sure there's some inspectors that would appreciate this upgrade, bet there are some that probably enjoy going all the levitra to order way up there.
written by Joel, August 09, 2012
In response, the robot isn't using magnets but really advanced suction with a pump that allows it to stay attached in even very violent winds and storm situations. It was a really cool advancement, that's for sure. smilies/smiley.gif

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