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JUN 06

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":)I am so happy to hear this news, because all states you adapt this l..."

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Hawaii Has Statewide Plastic Bag Ban

The beaches of Hawaii will be a little cleaner; the streets a little neater, now that an effective statewide ban on disposable plastic bags has gone into effect. Although it's not a law at the state level, the bag ban is effectively a statewide ban, since all of visit our site cialis en gel the counties of Hawaii have enacted plastic bag bans individually. Of course, it's easier when there are only four counties involved.

Bags are still permitted in some instances, including uses for pharmaceuticals, frozen foods, newspaper delivery, live fish and dry cleaning, to name a few. But non-biodegradable non-reusable bags are otherwise now subject to female viagra pills ban, and businesses that still use them face fines for each day of violation.

image: CC BY-SA 3.0 by Ivy Main / Wikimedia Commons

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Good step forward
written by Robert, June 06, 2012
Hawaii does tons of things to protect it's delicate ecosystem (ever try getting through airport security there as much as a dandelion on you?) this is a logical step forward.
I am so happy, all states should do the same
written by Mary Pastrana, June 12, 2012
smilies/smiley.gifI am so happy to hear this news, because all states you adapt this law. Many big countries and even the smallest have banned the plastic; why USA continues should be the one who interfere with the indian pharmacy tramadol American people health? And they keep hurting the planet this doesn’t make senses at all. To much politicians, too much laws trying to banned gay marriage, to much time waste trying to ban moms from breastfeeding in public; but what about banning the number one item that we use and that is everywhere. People do not think about all the plastic they consume from the fish in the sea; not only that we are killing our eco-system… THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE! I have make changes in the way I consume products since I saw the documentary Bag it.., because we all need to learn the when will viagra be available as a generic truth and all the bad about our choices and social behaviors that are affecting our earth. I am trying to create less waste, not to use plastic when buying groceries or when picking fruits and veggies I am using a small fabric bag to put my stuff. I am not buying eggs that come in double plastic like the egg-land best brand; I am not buying coconut milk anymore I am making my own. They is so much we can do with simple actions, the motor of a nation are the people; but if the motor it’s out of grease (intelligent, good intentions, new ideas, wiliness to make changes) then we soon will become like the corrosion in the metal.

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