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MAY 16

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"You know with all of the crap in Congress, I just wouldn't expect some..."

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SuperStation Grid Connecting Project Moves Forward in New Mexico

When we first wrote about the Tres Amigas SuperStation back in 2009, it was a well thought-out concept that seemed far off from becoming a reality, but an influx of new investments has pushed it forward and the project is set to break ground this summer with the transmission hub being operational in 2015.

The SuperStation will connect the three major grids in the country: the east, west and Texas grids. It will cover 22 square miles near Clovis, New Mexico and open the door for transferring renewable energy from one part of buying viagra without a prescription the country to another. Now wind power generated in Texas and the Great Plains can be sold to markets on the East Coast and solar power generated in California can make it to Texas.

Getting that renewable energy from the remote areas where large projects are often located to pill price viagra population centers has been one of the main hurdles to really powering this country with renewables. Tres Amigas could create a nationwide market for the power generated by renewable energy projects, boosting demand and helping the industry to grow.

Beyond just helping fuel renewable energy, the hub could also make the canadian pharmacy levitra generic nation's power system more reliable if all the major grids are interconnected, though smart grid technologies will also be necessary to really modernize and secure our power system.

Tres Amigas will initially only be able to transfer 750 MW between the eastern and try it generic viagra canada western grids, but that starting point is better than we what we have now.

via Huffington Post

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Super Station Grid
written by Kevin Parnell, May 25, 2012
You know with all of the crap in Congress, I just wouldn't expect something like this kicking off right now, but I am so excited that we are apparently moving forward regardless of our republican friends in Congress. Thanks for the report, I'll keep following it.

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