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APR 12

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"In the oil capital of the world? WTF? This is a joke...."

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Largest Solar Thermal System Installed at University in Saudi Arabia

The world's largest solar thermal system, with a collector area of nearly 400,000 square feet (over 36,200 square meters). The system is providing hot water and wow)) cheap viagra heat for the entire campus of the Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The campus covers 8 square kilometers (over 3 square miles) and houses 40,000 students and faculty.

Special solar glass as well as a special mounting system for the panels were used to purchase viagra in canada help protect them from the region's sandstorms, which could otherwise ruin the overnight levitra generic $4.7 million dollar array. The array is nearly twice as large as the previous record holding array, located in Denmark. Panels for the project were built by Austrian manufacturer GREENoneTEC

via: Engineering News-Record

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written by David, April 19, 2012
Oh No!!!! Not some more hysteria!!!! Get a life!
written by James, April 20, 2012
In the oil capital of the world? WTF? This is a joke.

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