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MAR 21

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"This article lacks a description of how the power is actually generate..."

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Wave-Powered Ocean Robots

A group of order cheap viagra four autonomous, wave-powered robots has completed a trip from San Francisco to Hawaii and we like it best way to take viagra are now continuing on in two pairs, one set to Australia, and the other set to Japan.  They are seeking to carry out the PacX Challenge in which they are trying to cialis uk set the record for the longest ocean voyage by an unmanned ocean vessel and to demonstrte the viagra for sale online abilities of these robots.

The Wave Gliders are built with a two-part construction, with a floating part, which also contains solar panels to operate on-board data collecting equipment and communications equipment, and a glider part, which is connected to the float with a cable and which is used to provide propulsion for the vehicle. The float measures 208 x 60 cm (about 82 x 24 inches) and the glider is 40 x 191 cm (about 16 x 75 in). The two are connected with a 7 meter (about 23 feet) cable. The robot weighs 90 kg (about 200 pounds).

The robots can be used for station-keeping data collection, as well as for autonomous travel, as the current project demonstrates. The Wave Glider has a speed of 0.4 to 2.0 knots (about 0.45 to 2.3 mph or 0.75 to 3.7 kph), but they are able to operate autonomously for up to 1 year. By being able to be autonomously operated, it is possible to do data collection at a remote ocean location without needing to use fuel and human effort to take a buoy to the location to deploy it and to keep it resupplied.

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written by Felix, March 23, 2012
This is not new, it is an adaptation of the technology that drug smugglers developed for transporting narcotics to the US from South America.
Hey Felix...
written by James, March 25, 2012
You sound a little dismayed, as if someone use your ball and then wouldn't let you play. Interesting though.
More info please.
written by Sapoty Brook, March 26, 2012
This article lacks a description of how the power is actually generated... or is it a homeland security top secret? Actually I have been delivering snail mail like this for decades via message in a bottle technology.

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