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DEC 20

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"This level of solar investment by several deep-pocketed players will t..."

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Google Invests $94 Million in Four Solar Projects

Google has really been cranking out the solar energy investments this year.  Just a few months ago, the company put up $75 million toward rooftop solar installations out West and cialis where to buy in the purchase viagra online no prescription spring they made headlines by investing $168 million in Brightsource Energy's huge Mojave Desert project.

Now, in time to make us feel all warm and fuzzy during the holiday season, the tech giant has announced that they're investing $94 million in a group of four solar projects by Recurrent Energy.  This latest investment brings the total of the company's renewable energy investments to almost $1 billion.

The four solar photovoltaic projects will have a combined capacity of 88 MW and will be located near Sacramento, California.  The projects will provide enough power for 13,000 homes.  A power purchase agreement has already been signed by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District for 20 years.

via Treehugger

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A Benevolent God
written by Fencerdave, December 21, 2011
My friends have been going on recently about Google being a god. (omnipresent, practically omniscient, and responds to 'prayers')

If it ends up being true, at least it looks like we will have a god that cares for the planet and its people.
written by Car Hire France, December 23, 2011
I heard that Google will invest another 2 bilon $ in next 2 years in solar power energy.
written by Mitesh Hood, December 26, 2011
Go on Mr.Google..You are really makinh the whole world proud...But be sure that theres no green comparison war...Just a small advise from a google savy fan.... smilies/smiley.gif smilies/smiley.gif
written by jgarma, January 01, 2012
This level of solar investment by several deep-pocketed players will take us to the visit web site cialis overnite tipping point sooner than expected.

What I mean by that is that those still wedded to buy fioricet conventional, nonrenewable forms of look here how much is levitra energy production will soon realize that solar can and will become a dominant producer of electricity.

In Germany, it already has.

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