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DEC 16

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"Energy price increases will mean more households switching to energy s..."

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Incandescent Light Bulb Ban Pushed Back

A Congressional spending deal made late last night includes a provision that prevents the Department of generic viagra indian Energy from enforcing the incandescent light bulb ban set to go in effect in January for another nine months.

The first phase of the ban, which still remains on the books but just can't be enforced, includes higher efficiency standards for 100-watt bulbs.  By the end 2014, all incandescents will be phased out.  According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, many American light bulb makers had already started investing money on top selling herbal viagra making the change from incandescents to more efficient bulbs like halogen, CFLs and LEDs and this delay may now cause them to lose money to order cheapest viagra online foreign competitors still selling the cheaper bulbs.

The delay in enforcement will end on September 30, 2012 at the end of the government's fiscal year when hopefully the legislation will be able to go into effect.

via Chicago Tribune

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written by peterdub, December 18, 2011

The 2012 sale of regular incandescents was never banned
Only the manufacture and levitra pfizer import.
Since stores are stocking up, it will not change things for consumers short term.
written by peterdub, December 18, 2011
Long term is a different story:
Incandescent technology for ordinary lamps will effectively be banned,
on the mandated 45 lumen per Watt end regulation standard

Explanation of light bulb regulations,
official links,
and updates on all 7 US local state repeal bills
A building full of wimps.
written by Fencerdave, December 19, 2011
Am I surprised?
Am I angered?
How tragic for America
written by Frank Provasek, December 21, 2011
Each energy efficent bulb would save $30 to $50 in energy costs that we would otherwise pay to foreign countries that hate us.
Omammy have ho right to ban light bulbs, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Jerry Dennis, December 21, 2011
The whole ban is stupid. CFLs and florescents in general have mercury in them, making them toxic and environmentally unsafe. Additionally, they don't work very well outdoors, and they don't work in appliances that use light bulbs (refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dryers, etc). Another case of radical tree huggers flying off half-cocked without thinking. I, for one, support saving energy and believe LEDs are the answer. We just need more research to make them work in all applications.
Woah, there, Tommy.
written by Fencerdave, January 10, 2012
Not to insult your homeboy Ronald Reagan, but he wasn't exactly a reliable scientist.
All the waste from a Nuclear powerplant could fit under a desk, sure, but the radiation would kill the whole neighborhood. I'm still a fan of online viagra sale using some nuclear power, but I don't kid myself about it being some magical cure-all.
The hydrocarbon statistic refers to buy viagra online without prescription 'vegetation' that has been buried underground and compressed for thousands of years. Another word for this is "coal", and it is only released into the atmosphere when burnt.
Natural emissions do exist and should not be ignored, but they are few and hard to stop, while the it's great! order cialis cialis man-made issues are much more feasibly combated.
All of your other seemingly nit-witted claims are built around a tiny grain of truth, but they are covered with such horse-hockey that they are hard to acknowledge with a straight face.
Your final paragraph is ridiculous enough that I do not trust myself to respond to it without swearing and becoming angry, so I will not do recommended site cialis online in usa so.

"CFLs and florescents"
CFL=Compact Fluorescent Lamp.
Do you also use your PIN Number at the ATM machine? hehe... But I jest.
You are right in suggesting that CFLs have their own issues, mercury especially, but as you yourself pointed out LED lights are a lovely source of light. I am in favor of the Incandescent Phase-out, and I hope to turn to LEDs as soon as possible regardless of the ban.
written by Dage, January 14, 2012
It's pure b.s. to ban light bulbs. If you dont want people buying them then make a better, cheaper alternative.
written by Ron Lentjes, February 07, 2012
The Standard Incandescent Light Bulb

What is Incandescence?

Incandescence is the light produced by a heated object. This light contains BILLIONS of frequencies. It is the highest quality of cialis canadian drugs light you can get.

How NOT to save energy:

- Using light source that cause a disturbing effect on people and viagra pfizer canada environment around them. These sources are cold, aggressive, eerie forms of lighting. These include CFL, Fluorescent, and white-LED.

How TO save energy:

- Solar power
- Wind power
- Turn off electrical when not in use
- Use light dimmers (on INCANDESCENT lights)

(Note: Modern light dimmers use a TRIAC and no rheostat (have not heard that word for 20 years or so). They are VERY efficient. I use trailing edge dimmers and these dimmers also slowly turn on the light (dark to dimmer setting in about 2 secs) to further prolong the life of your INCANDESCENT. Do not be fooled by some of the current false news about light dimmers. They are efficient).
One-size-fits-all solutions are inefficient
written by Chris, February 26, 2012
Sometimes CFLs are the best solution. Sometimes incandescent bulbs are preferred. Banning them is a one-size-fits-all solution to levitra professional 100 mg a complex, multi-faceted conservation issue. By letting each light bulb user make the choices that will result in their greatest value and efficiency, energy will be saved in many different, custom-tailored ways. Also, regulation of an all out ban would require use of electricity for new workers enforcing the ban along with additional fossil fuel being burned to track down violators... Wouldn't it be simpler to promote conservation-minded citizens that can then self regulate and brainstorm their own energy-saving ideas?
light bulb
written by bob, February 28, 2012
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Energy Price Increases = Shorter Payback Time For LED Light Bulbs
written by Martin, March 19, 2012
Energy price increases will mean more households switching to energy saving LED Light bulbs. LED light bulbs are improving all the time, and will eventually available offer beam angle of light similar to incandescent bulbs (approx 270 degree of cialis generic light). Also LED light bulbs offer more choice of color temperatures.

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