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NOV 07

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"Perhaps one could be developed that utilised the Wig effect as per the..."

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Solar Ship Is Half Airship and i use it buy cialis without a prescription Half Flying Wing

Incorporating solar power onto airships is not an entirely new idea, but we continue to find interesting developments of the concept. The latest is the Solar Ship,a hybrid aircraft that merges buoyant lifting and aerodynamics as well as thin-film solar panels. The combination makes for a long-range vessel that is able to take-off and land on very short airfields.

Earlier studies have been critical of canadian online pharmacy viagra the efficiency of airships, finding that trucks offer a lower overall cost in time and energy. But that presupposes the existence of a network of available roads. While developed areas may be more readily served by trucks, they are less than ideal for many other parts of the world.

The Solar Ship concept was specifically developed for use in areas without a network of roads available. The two areas being focused on at present are to provide medical services in remote areas and to on line pharmacy provide cargo transport alternatives to the "ice roads" presently used to move supplies in the high Arctic.

"Solar Ship blends the wow it's great low price levitra technologies of aerodynamic lift, aerostatic lift, and solar cells to create a cost efficient, long range, energy efficient cargo carrier for areas with minimal or unreliable infrastructure."

As a heavier-than-air craft, the Solar Ship does not need to have a ground crew to help support the craft at each destination point. The buoyant assitance of helium gives the craft enough help that it is levitra online usa able to use a soccer field as its airstrip. A solar powered Solar Ship will have unlimited effective range, while the hybrid version increases the cargo capacity while still providing great range.

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written by Muloirea, November 08, 2011
There is a limited supply of where to but viagra safe Helium. Hydrogen would need to be used to keep the Helium priced so that it would remain economical. Which means it will limit the number of locations these airships can be used.
written by electronics recycling, February 07, 2012
Perhaps one could be developed that utilised the Wig effect as per the order viagra us capsian sea monster developed by the Russians (an ekranoplan design). The basic idea is the craft flys very low off the ground gaining extra lift from the "bouncing" of some of it's downflow of air off the wings. It works in aircraft so would be possible with airships - perhaps an ideal solution over flat surfaces such as deserts and lakes.

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