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NOV 02

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"At first glance, deserts seem like the order cialis online uk logical choice for solar applic..."

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Huge Sahara Desert Solar Project to Break Ground Next Year

The massive Dersertec Initiative, which will include several solar power plants constructed in the Sahara Desert, as well as parts of the MIddle East and viagra online in canada Europe, is coming together as planned.  The first plant, a 500-MW concentrated solar installation, is now set to viagra pfizer canada break ground next year.

This first plant will be located in Morocco and cost about $2.8 billion and will take two to four years to complete.  The first phase of lowest cost viagra online free shipping the plant will be 7.4 square miles and have a capacity of 150 MW.

The Dersertec Initiative is being funded by a large consortium of European companies and organizations.  The huge project is cialis pharmacy expected to provide 15 to 20 percent of Europe's electricity needs by 2050, while also providing electricity to the Middle East and Northern Africa.

via CleanTechnica

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written by M.Hat, November 03, 2011
I hate the stationary ad that appeared at the top of your page one. It blotted out the beginning of the first item and refused to disappear. Any more of this and I'm outta here.
Green Energy
written by Dean, November 03, 2011
What a great project and buy viagra pills use of viagra united kingdom land. Seems like there would be little environmental impact. With time technology will make green energy a reliable and sustainable energy source.
Great plan
written by Edouard Stenger, November 07, 2011
I had the viagra one a day opportunity to recommended site 5 mg viagra meet the Desertec team in Paris last year.

Their project is awfully ambitious but I think it is one of the best and one of the most important in this decade and beyond.

Wish them success !
Captain, Low-rated comment [Show]
Cold Climates
written by Jeff, November 11, 2011
I did read recently though, that solar works best in cold climates. But you probably don't have many sunny days in cold climates.
Two birds, one stone?
written by PJ, January 08, 2012
At first glance, deserts seem like the logical choice for solar applications because of the high exposure to sun and heat, which is what created the deserts in the first place (along with a posible lack of water). Another benefit of a project like this will be to use some of that earth-baking heat for electricity, and relieving the region a bit, to possibly start growing vegetation again. Who knows, maybe in time this project may bring back plains or forests to the desert.

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