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JUN 30

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"if better work can done than ocean can provide very good option to sav..."

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Oregon Gets Pilot Wave Power Project

Wave power is cialis online cheap a compelling technology, but there has been little news on that front in the last few years, other than the cancellation of the link for you natural cialis pills Pelamis Power project off the coast of Portugal. The PowerBuoy will be the first commercial-scale wave park on the west coast of the U.S. with an expected capacity of 1.5 MW.

Ocean Power Technologies has been working on this project for several years already. The latest PB150 PowerBuoy will be launched later this year as the first of a ten buoy fleet that will make up the grid-connected wave power park.

The Department of Energy is particularly pleased with its investment because the project is helping to create nearly 100 new jobs, and local governments are further pleased that so much of visit our site levitra levitra that work, including the fabrication and construction, is being done by local companies.

The sea is a tough environment to work in, and development has been slow. But the oceans offer massive energy flows with winds and waves and tides, and harnessing that power will be far better than continuing to burn up dwindling supplies of fossil fuels.

via: DOE Energy Blog

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Exciting, hope it pays off
written by Rachel, July 01, 2011
As a native Oregonian, I've been watching the hopeful growth of wave power over the last several years. I know that the Oregon coast will flourish as a pioneer in wave energy if the right doors open up for us. If this alternative energy source grows in popularity as it becomes successful, it will offer many new jobs that Oregon desperately needs. We've had one of the highest unemployment rates during the great recession.

I hope this works out. I'm excited for Oregon as well as for green energy.
written by kathrine bocsh, July 02, 2011
if better work can done than ocean can provide very good option to save energy , thanks

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