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MAY 30

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"What of the bill's chances in the head-in-the-sand House?..."

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Bipartisan Efficiency Bill Promotes Efficiency Standards

A bill recently introduced in the Senate would improve the cheapest propecia us efficiency of homes and cialis brand name commercial buildings, advace the adoption of cheapest viagra uk improved building codes with greater efficiency requirements, and require the federal government facilities to adopt efficient measures and require new federal buildings to meet the highest efficiency standards.

The Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2011 (Bill S.1000) would promote greater efficiency for buildings and appliances as part of a national energy efficiency strategy.

The aim of the bill is to use "a variety of low-cost tools to reduce barriers for private sector energy users and drive adoption of off-the-shelf efficiency technologies that will save businesses and consumers money, make America more energy independent, and reduce emissions." It would also create a goal of achieving net-zero-energy building by 2030. The "bill recognizes a fundamental reality: the best and cheapest energy available is canadian pharmacy viagra generic the energy we don’t use."

Although the bill has bipartisan support (Senators Jeanne Shaheen [D-NH] and Rob Portman [R-OH]) and is also supported by many industries, it still has to make its way through the legislative process.

image: CC BY 2.0 by Will Palmer

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written by Shannon, May 31, 2011
A more energy efficient U.S.? I can't wait!
written by Marcela, May 31, 2011
That's really great news!
written by Andrea, May 31, 2011
Good! We're getting closer...
written by Norman, June 08, 2011
Good news yes. Simple, practical and usefull link viagra available in india currently available technology will work much better than some huge sweeping bill of pie in the sky proportions.

We have a lot of tennessee online pharmacy propecia clever and innovative people just waiting to be permitted into the buy levitra online canada great scheme of things.
written by Christopher, June 09, 2011
They should do another bill that requires homes in tornado and hurricane areas be built of better materials to withstand the high winds. We have the technology, lets use it.
written by Allen Linoski, June 09, 2011
What of the bill's chances in the head-in-the-sand House?

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