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MAY 23

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"Definitively a great idea. In Japan's case and levitra pfizer 50 mg especially after the ma..."

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Japan Considering Plan to Require Solar Panels on All New Buildings

According to the viagra on line sales Nikkei business daily, Japan is considering a plan that would require solar panels on all new buildings and homes by 2030.  Prime Minister Naoto Kan will likely reveal the details of the plan on Thursday when he speaks at the G8 Summit in France to prove their commitment to renewable energy development.

Kan sees the plan as a way to encourage technological innovation that will bring down the cost of renewable energy projects and make them more widespread across Japan.

It's likely that the timing of wow look it 50 mg cialis this new plan is meant to be a counter balance to Kan's expected announcement that Japan will continue operating nuclear plants after their safety and stability is confirmed.

via AFP

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written by Brian Green, May 24, 2011
I think this is a great idea, but I think the buy viagra online cheap question needs to be asked, "Why not just require all new structures made in first world nations (those who can clearly afford it) to install solar panel roofs?"
written by Cyruz, May 24, 2011
When is the USA gonna start doing stuff like this?
written by Corina|Electric car, May 24, 2011
Well, it is it's cool buy now online levitra obvious that Japan is trying to follow the right path and fix as much as they can. They are frightened that the nightmare that they went through is going to repeat.
written by moe, May 24, 2011
At least they are learning faster than us in America.
written by BA, May 24, 2011
Unless there is a good environmental reason not to..... then this is what should happen on every roof on planet earth and passive solar in colder climates for home heating.
Does it have to be solar?
written by sarah , May 26, 2011
While I like the emphasis on "safe and self sustaining" energy creation or conversion, I think they need to modify the proposed rule somewhat. I t's great that they want to encourage independence and eco responsibility via solar panels but what about other renewable energy sources? But what about wind? What about geothermal? What about sand bag building or other high heat shielding structural implementation. In some locations these may make better sense then a symbolic solar panel...why not require so many MW of clean, safe energy production per living unit instead of mandating solar. I think it could lead to more creativity and diversity and sensibility to approach the challenge using the metaphor of macrobiotics instead of one size fits all.
written by eb, May 31, 2011
Bullish for silver.
written by iourzzz, May 31, 2011
wish, I had a solar battery at my roof as well.
written by Rich Davine, June 02, 2011
I like solar on every roof top. Local energy production + efficiency increases reduce the need for large energy plants and power lines. More diversity would be nice too as the sun doesn't always shine on the Land of the rising sun or anywhere else.
2030?? Yawn!
written by kootzie, June 02, 2011
Given all the shit that is hitting the fan in Japan right now, this announcement by official-dumb is unconscionably LAME.

It would be more typical of an American response...
"We know what to do and are determined not to do it until it is waaay too late."

Hopefully, Solar PV will be obsolete by 2030.
Even if not, sticking a few PV panels on the roof of a current shit-box constructed building is inadequate.

How about mandatory passive-solar, high-insulation, air-tight-envelope with heat-exchanged-air-exchange,
minimal-electrical-load LED lighting non-toxic interior building construction for ALL new construction by 2013?

That would be a target worth announcing.

Current building construction practices, especially residential, with few exceptions, are unprosecuted crimes against the future - sacrificing intelligent long-term energy management for real-estate-market-fads and stupid-customer-preferences.
Those vacuous decisions are propagated indefinitely into the future
We need movement and goverment leadership
written by Anthony, June 06, 2011
The article that Japan is considering mandatory solar power for all roof tops is a not really an option anymore if we are to survive as a species. Although this represents a part solution it brings forward greatly needed impedes for product improvement and sets a date for carbon reduction. The oil, and nuclear people will not be huge supporters of any competition, as by that time (2030) solar panel efficiency together with gains made in more efficient use of power in devices will reduce the need for their product dramatically and bring social awareness to how much is cialis green energy production.
Every new House should have been doing this for years
written by Raymond Langley, June 20, 2011
The problem is best prices on cialis Canada is the Government doesn't care and makes it hard to do the on line pharmacy australia cialis right thing. The paper work would choke a horse
written by Gilsan, June 21, 2011
Great idea. Should have done this years ago. Here in Portugal the government has finally done something right in betting on get generic viagra online renewables including solar., to the point were almost 60% of the of energy produced here is from renewable sources.
No Time to Waste
written by Cape Verde, November 07, 2011
Definitively a great idea. In Japan's case and especially after the massive earthquake and tsunami it should be be easier to implement, since the reconstruction is total. In fact all major developed countries should also take a stronger initiative. There are so many buildings that can have solar panels placed on the top.

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