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NOV 16

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"th man himself says he wants to release herds of these...i would enjoy..."

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Strandbeest, Freakin' Amazing Wind Powered Robot


This is, by far, one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. They really are just beautiful and levitra ed fascinating and, in a way, kinda moving. These magnificent sculptures are powered by the wind and move in beautiful and unexpected ways. They were designed by Dutch artist Theo Jansen who hopes, someday, that his creations can be set loose in the winds of the world to live lives of viagra soft generic their own.

I don't know about that, but this video is definitely worth watching.
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written by Dan, November 17, 2006
They've built real-life Soda Constructors
written by David, November 18, 2006
Its like something out of a Hayao Miyazaki movie.
more can be found at
written by Neil, November 19, 2006
Wow, that's really quite amazing! 8)
written by MrS, November 19, 2006
Now that's art! All credit to Theo Jansen because this is truly great and beautiful in the absolutely highest league. It inspires the viewer on many different planes! All honor and credit!
written by limcs, November 19, 2006
Nice innovation. But what has BMW has to do with those? :)

p.s: as if bmw produces eco-friendly car :P
written by jack, November 19, 2006
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@ limcs
written by beeemwee, November 19, 2006
every bmw car is eco-friendlier than your usual american car ;)
written by rawr, November 20, 2006
Who cares? I'm going to burn 12 gallons of gas for every one gallon you save. If I could afford a BMW, I'd have one, and drive as fast as I can. I'm going to eat big, meaty, American cheeseburgers and drive a big diesel truck and use penguins for leather in my car, and use big baby seal eyes for a compass on my dash. PS> This wind stuff is cool, and tree huggers are gay.
written by Sez, November 20, 2006
Hey rawr, firstly what are you going to breathe when all the trees are gone? You'll be wishing there had been a few more tree-huggers! And try to cialis best price come up with something more original, rather than pinching Dennis Leary's rant.
written by nonce, November 20, 2006
People, don't be so unkind to rawr. He *needs* a huge American truck to haul that big fat cheeseburger-laden ass of his. And as soon as he can fit his ass through the back door of his momma's basement, he's gonna get one for his very own self.
written by fridayer, November 20, 2006
written by robert hedden, November 20, 2006
Where imagination and innovation come together with remarkable synergy...a true testament to human ingenuity
written by Da Coyote, November 20, 2006
Magnificent. However, the audio ending was interesting in that it contained a phrase about art and engineering. BMW certainly knows engineering, but I'm afraid that their association with art has decayed. After all, "to Bangle" is now a verb indicating the insertion of serious ugliness.
creativity is priceless
written by bartholomeus, November 20, 2006
Creativity is priceless!

I made a post about this on my blog some weeks ago:
written by Mazaxaka, November 21, 2006
Пацталом, зашибись, штука клевая, каменты на русском руляд ! It's interesting, and I want to see it
written by Mazaxaka, November 21, 2006
Превед китайцам!!!! ;D
written by Set G&T, November 22, 2006
3a40тная конструкция. Креатив засчитан. Китайцы посмешили вопросом, не наш0лся что им ответить.
written by Nayami, November 22, 2006
Tout simplement incroyable!
written by fujia_80, November 23, 2006
written by dragos, November 23, 2006
That is amazing!!What people can do if they put they minds in to it!!
written by dragos, November 23, 2006
That is simply amzing!!What people can do if they have a vision and they put theyr mind to it
written by CrowdedCranium, November 29, 2006
The study in locomotion is interesting. So, when does it pay off with massive wind powered wheat harvesters that trample the buy ultram online overnight open plains, or a long legged variety to slog through rice paddies. I am sure that under the surface BMW is just as greedy, avaricious, and polution prone as any other Detroit megabuck harvester.
Hey, knock it off!
written by Celia, November 29, 2006
What are any of you doing about it? Good for the artist for creating something magnificent. Good for BMW for being creative. Of course, BMW is a compnay of greedy, polluting sons of bitches. What is anybody doing about it? The only thing I've heard is from that guy whose bent on being destructive. No more bashing of each other. Save the bashing for Paris HIlton. I, myself, take the bus and ride my bicycle. I appreciate ads as art. There is beauty is the world. There are people out to exploit it also.
Burning Man
written by Arlene W., November 29, 2006
What amazing beautiful creations. Check out the Burning Man festival in August. I think you'd find it fascinating. It would be awesome to have one of your creations on the buying cialis without prescription playa.
written by Mila, December 03, 2006
nie zły pokaz , podoba mi się jestem z polski ale ta strona jest super, pozdrawiam :P ;)
written by Mila, December 03, 2006
Super pokaz ;)
written by Dave, December 09, 2006
That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I wonder if this guy could adapt the new Roboreptile into something like this. Check out Robo's website at
There was a video of one of those things
written by petroleum, December 13, 2006
There used to be a cool video of that contraption at the petroleum club.
Theo Jansen at GEL 2005
written by NoxNox, December 16, 2006
Theo Jansen talking about his 'robots' at GEL 2005
written by Matt L, January 03, 2007
I don't know why I don't see more posts that are simply awestruck by the beauty of this man's work. It is absolutely gorgeous to its essence. Ok, it is a bit gruesome that BMW is using it as an ad compaign, but we all have to eat, even artists. Let's just get off the soapbox for a sec and just appreciate the genius and beauty of this man's creations.
Hug what you want
written by Treehuggin', January 03, 2007
I don't really get how the term "tree hugger" can even be that derogatory. It is a lot less silly to hug a tree than hug one's denial that humanity is slowly killing itself by its own excesses. If you think the "eco-nazis" are trying to make you limit your steak and sports car intake now, wait 30 years when you can't even get those things as humanity will be mainly concerned about surviving a massive climate change.
Tree Huggers as derogatory
written by warptrek, January 16, 2007
You pretty much summed up why "tree hugger" is derogatory. It mostly describes a fringe element with leftist minded thinking, not to mention the buying tramadol 60's socialist retreads who have a very narrow and dim view of humanity as a whole. They envision the future as stark and depressing, and most of mankind living in some post nuclear ghetto while Global corporations control everything from power generation to food. It is the atypical thinking in our culture and it is reflected in 90% of Hollywood sci fi as it depicts this kind of pfizer levitra 50mg future. I'll take Gene Roddenberrys vision of the future any day. There was a visionary and a genius ahead of his time. And it is the optimists like him that usually lead not the mediocrity.
Now Now!
written by Schalk, February 19, 2007
it won't hurt anyone hugging a tree for real. humans won't let the future go all sour, there is already a move back towards diversity and the beauty of culture, so rather than bashing each other... you get the idea. check out 'tesla motors' on the net, so even if we cant have cool wind-driven transport, at least we can have some quick and beautiful electric transport. shame on BMW for jumping on Theo Jansen's back. i don't mind Bangle's style, just a pity he get's to try out his new ideas on something as expensive as a car.
written by John R, March 17, 2007
What is that ???8)WOW really cool ;D Very unique invention indeed.
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written by rah, April 09, 2007
this is cool
muito bonito
written by cesar, April 13, 2007
sem palavras. um trabalho incrivel, de uma engenhosidade impar. o mais bonito é ver toda esta engenhosidade de forma limpa, aparentemente feita com poucos materiais e muita matematica.
written by John Cook, April 23, 2007
As someone who owned a BMW dealership and developed an interest in design myself, I simply must say...

Where does someone come up with this???? ...and Why????

Picture the dude at home... he's at the kitchen table, just after a fat plate of schnitzel, doodling on a napkin, thinking WHAT??? "I'll put this little tube here, and a weird wheel here, some oddly useless plastic wings, and it'll flap real funny like, then kick and stomp real weird on 400 little hollow legs when the buy cialis wind blows..."

What was he smokin'...

I wonder what the neighbors say about him when he isn't there? I wonder, can I hear them laughing clear to Mexico? I'll listen through the 43 meter tall wax paper and good choice cialis australia drinking straw wind machine that I invented to enhance sound. I'll just put my ear to it and listen. Strange, but every time I do that... I'm sure I hear some people snickering.
written by Randy, May 01, 2007
I'm absolutely flattered that there is art such as wind and human companionship. Actually the influence the spirit of the wind has on you as a child and to finally give birth to such an incredible, mechanical expression of the pure combination of technology. The abilities of buy ultra tramadol the human imagination unravel itself to become the pure hope for the use of what is fully animate, not drilled. Selling your image and idea is purely a smart way to fund further introspection into the kinetic spirit. Who cares what we think!?
written by Asia provider, May 06, 2007
good for in the age of non-gas..... ;D BMW ready to produce non-gas car ?
star-war like ?
written by KL hotel, May 11, 2007
It remind me the robot looks like the buy viagra online from canadacheap viagra tablets robots in star war... only it made by wood... easier to destroy ! :D
I want !
written by migration to Australia, May 11, 2007
When can i buy it ? i want one !
written by Stefan, May 14, 2007
This is a definition of art. Go Theo!
Spend how long time to build
written by Free spyware remover-blocker, May 17, 2007
I just wondering how many days spent to build it ?
wind powered robot
written by brett, May 21, 2007
very cleaver idea. I wonder if such an idea like this might be useful on mars say, with a sat dish transmitting terrain data or something!!!
written by Aluminium fabricator, June 08, 2007
it is really amazing...I just thinking...being a aluminium fabricator, can I also make one like this ;D
Design is not an easy job
written by ??????, June 16, 2007
Designing always is not an easy job ;)
written by malaysia accommodation, June 19, 2007
one word : Amazing !
Flowers can do too
written by florist malaysia, July 07, 2007
Well, I think if I use flowers can also do the same...haha..
Amazing !
written by Fire Rated Door Manufacturer, July 07, 2007
Is it real or just computer CGI ?
look like Alien
written by save youtube video, July 10, 2007
Alien invasion ? ;D
written by Water fountain show, July 12, 2007
hope i can have one... ;D
how long to take ?
written by Aerosol Technology, July 18, 2007
how long to take to make it ? is it for sell ?
written by Business Intelligence, July 22, 2007
Find it in forest...
written by Malaysia national park, July 23, 2007
yes, if I see this in forest .... I will run away immediately. :D
is it real ?
written by wholesale imitation jewelry, July 25, 2007
is it real or computer CG ? any newspaper report on it ? :o
Saw It
written by CVJ, August 17, 2007
I had the chance to see a "dead" one of these at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MassMOCA. They are amazing. The guy who built them hopes to create a whole bunch and set them free on the beaches.
adhesive ?
written by sex toys, August 22, 2007
any clue or adhesive to connect it ?
can see on youtube?
written by how to download youtube video, August 26, 2007
is this put in youtube ? any one watch it live before ?
Malaysia resort
written by Malaysia resort, September 14, 2007
hmm.. is it a real one ?
any recipies ?
written by chicken curry recipes, October 05, 2007
Any recipes to do that ? ;D
it is a beginning
written by Escort Malaysia, November 08, 2007
If you think the "eco-nazis" are trying to make you limit your steak and sports car intake now, wait 30 years when you can't even get those things as humanity will be mainly concerned about surviving a massive climate change.
written by luggage, November 21, 2007
John Cook clearly has no understanding on the idea of art.
When I first saw this Theo guy on TV a few years ago, I was blown away but just how amazing this is. I went and saw his website, and was even more amazed.
The guy is brilliant. Plus, I like his style. His workshop is located on a hill between two hi-ways. It's like this random workshop in the middle of nowhere (well, in the middle of two hi-ways.) What a legend.
This is truly something of cialis blood thinner an art, and shows a mind of complete brilliance. I love his vision as well. These things live at the beach nearby, and almost live their own lives, reacting to the wind (and finding shelter when a storm comes.) No electricity, nothing, just pure physics, mechanics and brilliance.
Some of the comments here make me upset when it comes to the absolute narrow-mindedness of consumer types, who probably know nothing of 'beauty.' Must be a pretty shallow and purposeless existance.
what is the purpose
written by Car forum, December 23, 2007
what is the purpose on designing this ? i think it can only be used for environmental friendly purpose ?
My opinion
written by Terapia, December 27, 2007
It's a good invention.
written by art oil portraits, February 26, 2008
Beautiful! What are these made of? With creations like this, I’m sure Jansen’s hope will come true in the soonest possible.
Cool, but what is it for?
written by Wholesale Fashion Jewelry, March 10, 2008
It looks good and everything, but I wouldn't want it falling on my house...think about it, what must go up must come down!
Wind architecture
written by Prelit Christmas tree, March 13, 2008
It's called wind architecture I think and it will also be used in buildings. It transforms the kinetic energy from the wind to motion. It could be the answer to a lot of alternative energy issues.
New spanish official website
written by, June 26, 2008

The new official spanish website is ready. This is the link:

written by Raja, July 05, 2009
We havent even got to the age of robots and we're already moving into "eco-friendly" robots? Must admit the get pharmacy design sculptures look good. Looks like some sort of giant insect.

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written by jacob, July 02, 2010
th man himself says he wants to release herds of these...i would enjoy the beach so much more with these things roaming around. They really do looks like the type of we like it cialis india pharmacy thing miyazaki would put in one of his movies...

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