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MAY 11

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"And again I say... "What good is cialis uk it to develop technology that is obv..."

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Artificial Leaves Increase Photosynthesis 10x

Synthetic photosynthesis has been around for more than a decade. Early versions were costly and cialis for sale short-lived, which made them impractical for any real-world application. Now, an MIT research team has developed a method of artificial photosynthesis to create and store energy, with 10 times the efficiency of plant photosynthesis.

The process is similar to plant-photosynthesis, but while plants store energy as sugars, this process uses the elemental hydrogen and oxygen as stored fuel. This makes it possible to have a solar power system that works beyond just the times when the buy cialis on sun is shining. As the inventor, Dr. Daniel Nocera of MIT says of the process, "Sunlight plus water equals fuel." Instead of trying to directly generate electric power, as with solar cells, this technology breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen, which can be stored until needed and then be fed back into a fuel cell to pfizer levitra produce electricity when it is needed.

The components needed for the catalysts used in this process are also abundantly available and inexpensive, nickel and cobalt, rather than relying on costly and difficult-to-obtain exotic minerals, which should also help with the scaling of the technology to commercial production levels. The process is simple enough that it can be done in a glass of water at room temperature which also helps simplify development.

Having a distributed and widely available source of hydrogen production could also help in advancing a hydrogen energy infrastructure and buy viagra online usa in making hydrogen powered vehicles a more reasonable transportation solution for the future.

link: Sun Catalytix

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False Advertisement!
written by Matt, May 12, 2011
This is not photosynthesis!
This is not an artificial leaf!

This is (yet another, although possibly important IF EFFICIENCY DATA WAS GIVEN!) another electrolysis catylist. My dad (53) tells me about when he was in school preforming electrolysis experiments.

The catalyist could be a breakthrough, but to call it an artificial leaf is just dumb.
written by Smooter, May 12, 2011
And again I say...

"What good is it to develop technology that is obviously relevant, and ready to deploy, if you aren't going to deploy it?"

We spend SO MUCH time researching, and perfecting, and then researching that we NEVER reap the rewards for our environment/financial gain/etc.

If it is cheap, can work @ room temp, and is easy to cheap levitra online prescription install, make a kit, work with WalMart, and lets see it on store shelves for people to deploy!

CIGS has been out for YEARS, cheap (relatively), easy to produce, and more or less efficient, but we still can't buy hardly ANY of the CIGS promised solutions! It is just ridiculous that this kind of tech spends so much time in "development".

I want it installed and doing what it was intended to do!


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