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MAR 31

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"can i have one for my phone please?..."

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3-D Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Lighter and Charge in Minutes

A new type of lithium-ion battery that features a 3-D interior structure is able to recharge in just a few minutes, can be discharged over twice as many times as traditional lithium-ion batteries and is thinner and lighter than existing versions -- essentially the dream battery for electric cars.

The new battery prototype was presented at this week's national meeting of the American Chemical Society.  Conventional lithium-ion batteries consist of cheapest cialis without prescription electrodes stacked in thin layers, which creates many of its problems like slow charging and limited discharging and a tendency to overheat.

The new battery reconfigures this arrangement by using copper antimonide nanowires arranged into a tightly-packed 3-D structure similar to bristles on a hair brush.  The nanowires have more surface area and can store twice as many lithium ions and they're more stable and i recommend buy levitra no prescription heat resistant than the graphite electrodes used in existing batteries.  The result is a battery that recharges in 12 minutes instead of two hours and has double the lifespan.

The current prototype is the size of a cell phone battery, but the wow look it cialis pfizer online creators hope to scale up the technology to be used in other gadgets like laptops and, eventually, electric cars.

via Physorg


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written by Doc Rings, April 01, 2011
Hopefully, it won't take 10 years to commercialize, and instead revolutionize car batteries within 24-36 months!

This could be a real game-changer in winning over some converts to EV's or PHEV's, who's main concern is long charge-time (and not necessarily off-put by high initial costs...)

Why don't governments put alternative energy sources on a war footing
written by Barrington John Prince, April 01, 2011
If global warming does reach its trigger point then the negative impact on humanity will be much greater than we have ever experienced during any previous world war.
Wars do however bring out the survival instinct in us and during wars technological advances happen in the order of magnitude quicker than they do when left to market forces. So governments around the world and the United Nations should put such things as battery development on ordering cialis a WAR FOOTING.
Please no antimonide nanowires!
written by Geffen, April 02, 2011
Antimonide nanowires are a definite threat to our health and safety. Special handling precautions will be needed in disposing of them (if they can be disposed of safely at all).

Why can't these so called 'technologists' develop something which is cheap generic viagra india safe?
written by Timetrvlr, April 04, 2011
"Antimonide nanowires are a definite threat to our health and safety"? Are you sure Geffen? Or do you automatically object to anything with "Nano" in the title?

There is no longer any danger of levitra 25mg an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico either. I don't believe that whopper floated by the cheapest viagra price Oil Industry. Ask the dead dolphins and other sea life how safe oil extraction is. The oil that presently runs in your automobile. I'm all for new technology that has the power to remove us all from our total dependance on oil. If the new technology proves to be hazardous, then scientific effort will find an even better and safer solution.

Tesla Tim
written by T. Maher II, April 06, 2011
I'm sure they're looking into that but at this point less just get past the first mountain. I see them thinking of that as they produce.
long battery life fast charging
written by sarah, April 08, 2011
can i have one for my phone please?

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