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MAR 24

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"Wow, I've heard of solar shingles for homes & thought of solar siding ..."

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America's Tallest Skyscraper Becoming a Solar Farm

Chicago's Willis Tower, America's tallest building -- formerly known as the Sears Tower, is getting a major green makeover.  The south side of viagra canada the 56th floor will soon be home to solar electric glass windows, turning the tower into a 2-MW vertical solar farm.

The windows called high power density photovoltaic glass units are being made by Pythagoras Solar.  They will retain views and daylighting for the floor, reduce heat and produce as much electricity as a traditional solar panel.  The windows consist of monocrystalline silicon solar cells sandwiched between two layers of glass with an internal prism that directs the sunlight onto the solar cells, while letting diffuse light through.  The result is a cooler, natural lighting environment inside the skyscraper and a more efficient solar panel.

The windows are part of a bigger project by the tower's owner and Pythagoras to show the benefits of a building integrated PV system (BIPV).  For large towers all over the world, this could be a key component in both energy efficiency and renewable energy production.

via Inhabitat

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Bringing Solar Power Home
written by DIYSolarPowerSystem, March 25, 2011
The main benefit of initiatives such as the Vertical Solar Farm on the we use it female herbal viagra Willis Tower in Chicago is to bring home to people the versatility and availability of solar power anywhere. People need to realize that solar power has to start at home if the world is free samples viagra to change with regard to the consumption of generic viagra for sale non-renewable energy.
Now that's what I'm talking about!
written by Glissade, March 25, 2011
Every office building in the word needs to do this.
What a waste!!!, Low-rated comment [Show]
Waste of what?
written by Sloaner Blue, March 25, 2011
What is it a waste of Rob? When it's dark at night or cloudy the building will still need windows and when it happens to be sunny these "windows" will be producing power. So I don't see the waste factor?

BTW solar panels still work when it's cloudy - just not as well.
written by Sam salamay, March 26, 2011
It's about time BIPV got noticed. As a pioneer in the PV and replacement window industries, I have been waiting for a US showcase project such as this. Gr8 job...
Sam Salamay...
A glimpse into the fda approves levitra Future
written by Navitas-Solar, March 28, 2011
This is indeed a great showcase project for Solar PV Installation. Every new building across the world should utilise this technology via photovoltaic installers.

And, Solar PV technology doesn't just work when it's bright sunshine or south facing.

Excellent project and we recommend cailis canadian farmacy well done to cialis generic recommended the city of Chicago.
Marketing Communications /ESS, DES, BESS Business Unit
written by Vance Grosso, March 28, 2011
Great Story / exciting solar demo ... which can be even more complete with large format Lithium Iron Phosphate energy storage ESS for load shifting and peak shaving... 16.4kWh state of the art storage system weights just under 700 pounds.
written by Mike Erickson, May 01, 2011
Wow, I've heard of solar shingles for homes & thought of solar siding on high rises, but why never solar windows? Questions: (1)what will 2 MW get you for the investment? (will it run your computer all day, cost difference w/ reg. windows, pay off time;(2) estimate the MWs gained from each side? (N,W,& E). Thanks. smilies/cool.gif

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