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MAR 15

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Curving Wood Floors Make Less Waste


Wood floors aren't normally what you would think of as high tech. But a Dutch company called Bolefloor is using computers and levitra canada cheap i use it soft tab cialis CNC production to produce attractive and distinctive wood flooring that maximizes the amount of wood used. By scanning the wood and then using computer algorithms to calculate how best to cut the wood, unique floors with curving patterns can be produced that fits together like a jigsaw puzzle and minimizes waste.

According to look there cheap generic viagra the company, the technology used in this process maximizes the yield of generic viagra sale usable wood flooring by using "wood scanning systems, tailor-made CAD/CAM developments and innovative optimization algorithms for placement software developed by a Finnish engineering automation company and three software companies in cooperation with the Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology." In addition to determining how to fit together the generic levitra from canada pieces of wood, the software also takes into account imperfections in the wood near edges or ends, so that the floor will be more durable.

I'm not completely sold on the idea that this is leads to a significant savings of wood. But, for the wood that is used, this aproach should allow some further use of material from each log and the ability to use smaller logs, as well.

Each floor needs to be custom produced using this system, which limits its applicability for off the shelf projects. But, if the need for a repair arises, the fabrication of a replacement piece should be easy to accomplish, using the same file that was used to create the original piece to fabricate a copy.

If you are interested in maximizing production volume, this certainly wouldn't be the way to go. Efficiency is all about straight and cheapest viagra price usa pharmacies regular. But if your definition of mail order cialis sustainability means 'taking care of what you have,' then creating something unique and beautiful that will encourage its owners to care for it and maintain it so it lasts, then this is a wonderful sustainable material.

More example images from the company site.

via: BoingBoing

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renewable energy sources
written by Sharon Mathew, March 16, 2011
Making the maximum use of the wood by this method is really interesting. It is a very good effort which can also help us to conserve other sources of energy.
written by keg, March 16, 2011
and man, is it beautiful. i would like this in my dream home, please.
But what about..,
written by Tem, March 16, 2011
...IKEA? Where would they get all the where can i purchase cialis wood waste to make particle board.
"I'm not completely sold on the idea that this is leads to a significant savings of wood."
written by William Berg, March 16, 2011
I can't say how much waste there is in this process but it looks better than what I've seen. I used to work my summers in college in a wood flooring factory and I can say without a doubt that there is a significant amount of waste in making uniform, straight flooring pieces.

That said, every ounce of the leftover cuttings was sold off to buying real cialis without prescription other companies to be used for other purposes, so nothing was really 'wasted'
custom modular?
written by sarah, March 17, 2011
are there typical room sizes that could be built for? say a standard 10 x 12 room that you could buy in a bundle, Trim the two outside pieces flat to mesh with the wall and make a lovely little piece of rustic looking shelving out of the cut offs. While a lot of rooms are not exact, seems many of viagra were to buy them are based on square cut 8' boards and 16" spacing (at least in the US)so, one could imagine, there could be a few standard pre-made sizes.
written by Captain TickTock, March 17, 2011
They're probably more likely to scan the broken board to cut a new one. I can see it being way more expensive than straight-cut wood
looks good
written by Eli, March 25, 2011
I like the look, it's definitely adds to the style, but as with any products being "green" I think this will carry a hefty pricetag and as for the obvious, installing wood floors will be a puzzle. I think the aesthetic appearance is try it brand cialis for sale what at the end will sell this product, more than anything else
written by Sobhan, May 10, 2011
only in europe smilies/cry.gif
I hope it comes to America some day.
written by Daniela, May 25, 2011
The organic shapes these make are really unique and compelling, though I wonder what the implications are if you ever needed to repair the discount levitra online planks, lack of uniformity does make them less modular.

I'm curious why the author names "maximizing production volume" as a sustainability feature, that seems unrelated to the premise that you can maximize material use with new forms.
written by Charlotte, August 18, 2011
I don't think it would save much wood, seeing as scraps are used for other things, but it sure looks cool. if it was reasonably priced I would definitely use it!
Wood Floors
written by Express Flooring, March 08, 2012
Hardwood flooring not only increases the beauty if a house, it also increases the property value of it.
Does this really work?
written by Engineered Hardwood Floors, April 19, 2012
I just can't see how this method can signifincatly reduce waiste.
written by the small kitchen, September 19, 2013
Curving of wood for the floors can be done by an expert only. you can do it by yourself if you know what you did.

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