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JAN 07

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"@net97surferx Well, your BIG news is here, I guess. This speed record ..."

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Solar Car Sets New World Record in Speed

A solar car designed and approval cialis fda built by University of New South Wales students broke the Guinness World Record for fastest solar vehicle.

The Sunswift solar car hit 55 mph at the HMAS Albatross navy base airstrip in Nowra, Australia, beating the previous record of 49 mph.  The record is for vehicles powered only by silicon solar cells, so the team removed the battery from the car for the united pharmacy cialis speed trial.  For the special occasion the car had special drivers:  Barton Mawer, a professional racing driver and Craig Davis, head of Tesla's European operations.

While 55 mph was enough to cinch an official world record, the car has previously hit a top speed of 64 mph in a race, and other solar cars have tested at 100 mph.

It may not seem so amazing since 55 - 64 mph is everyday driving for traditional cars, but solar cars are making leaps in speed, aerodynamics, efficiency and weight reduction pretty quickly.  The technology may never fully power a mass-produced sedan, but every gain solar car designers make can lead to useful applications in electric and gas-fueled cars.

via Physorg


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written by Marcela, January 07, 2011
Wow!!! I love reading this kind of news. I really like reding about solar cars and everything related to them. I'm looking forwad to the day when these kind of cars are available for all of us to use.
Great news from the solar frontier
written by Asaf Shalgi, January 09, 2011
Speed is so important for a car so hopefully soon solar cars will be just as quick as regular ones.
written by net97surferx, January 10, 2011
'Solar Cars' is such a misnomer since, for the most part, they are running on buy viagra on the internet batteries all day long and 'solar cell recharging' at the end of levitra uk no prescription the day/start of the next day... and not so much 'running on sunlight' during their 'go' cycle. Learned this while brainstorming a solar entry from the University of Texas at Austin in the mid 90s. I understand more 'solar' is involved these days but still not running the car so much as being the buy viagra from canada main 'charging surface' later.

Figure the BIG news will be when one of these really does run 'all on solar' instead of having to load up on uber batteries.
this car dóes run 'all on solar'
written by frisbee, January 13, 2011
Well, your BIG news is here, I guess. This speed record was set without the use of batteries. So this solar vehicle was directly powered by the sun in achieving its record braking speed.
Of course the drawback on the way this vehicle is powered, is that it is constantly depended on direct sunlight.

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