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Indexing the Best States for Clean Energy


CleanEdge has assembled a leadership index for clean power, basing its choices on a number of different factors, and providing rankings in several categories. This information is useful both for identifying the best locations for current clean energy acceptance as well as the best emerging markets among the 50 states of the cialis overnite United States.

The Leadership Index ranks the top states for Technology, Policy, and Capital, as well as an overall ranking. It is no great surprise that California comes in as the number 1 state for clean energy. "According to Clean Edge’s assessment and i use it best online generic cialis ranking of more than 80 different state-level indicators, the top three states in the nation are California, Oregon, and Massachusetts. Washington, Colorado, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Minnesota, and New Jersey round out the top 10." However, "while West and East Coast states dominate the top 10 rankings, innovation and investment opportunities are found across the map in places such as Colorado, Iowa, Texas, and Michigan."

The indices incorporate evaluation of factors which include clean electricity, clean transportation, green building, regulations, incentives, and intellectual and human capital, as well as financial capital.

An index like this is less of a tool for consumers than it is an indicator of generic cialis in india the strength and position of clean energy and its increasing importance to business and industry leaders. For those seeking jobs in the clean energy sector, it can help indicate the best regions to look in. But for investors and we choice cialis shop policy-makers, this can be a useful map of the landscape of clean energy across the nation.

Clean Edge summary report (PDF)

via: North American Windpower

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