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DEC 23

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"Water Rights , Nat. Gas . I wonder what the frac T.B. is up 2 . ..."

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Pickens Plan Gives Up on Wind Power


Wind energy's one-time champion, T. Boone Pickens, who was going to "save America" with his plan for a new energy future and prescription tramadol buy cheap reduction of the demand for foreign oil, has given up on wind power.

The "Pickens Plan" was going to be based on the increased use of natural gas in combination with extensive wind farms for electrical generation. But now, the wind leg of the plan has been taken out, and Pickens is concentrating solely on advocating for increased use of natural gas. Pickens had already scaled back the wind side of buying real viagra without prescription his plan, but this is the final blow (if you'll excuse the pun).

Pickens had ordered hundreds of wind turbines for his failed plan for a huge wind farm in Texas which was unable to gain regulatory approval for the necessary transmission lines. Those turbines are now likely to end up going to wind farms in Canada, where the business climate for wind is how much is cialis better.

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Was Never About Wind Power
written by Bucky, December 23, 2010
For people that have been following this (Google it yourself) Pickens plan was never really about wind power.

It was however all about WATER RIGHTS.

Pickens has always been about making money off the things you pump out of the ground and he is smart enough to realize that water is the new oil.

His plan to build massive wind farms was always about securing water rights. So no surprise that he is so happy to abandon his wind power plans.

Does anyone really think that Mr. Pickins, with his billions in influence, couldn't get regulatory approval for something in Texas? Fucking TEXAS?

Hell, politicians and judges go for cheap money here.
Pickens is a visionary, Low-rated comment [Show]
agree with Bucky
written by Craig, December 24, 2010
Anybody that has followed this knows that Pickins is only in it for himself, not for any great goal for America's energy independence. It was strickly for water rights and the quickest way to get water rights was to canadian online pharmacy get the access via alternative meds for viagra windmills as he figured nobody would give him a second look for windmills.

Turns out when people were smart enough to see what he was really about they declined him the rights to the cheapest generic viagra land.

However when I read Tom's message I couldn't help but feel sad for how Pickins has mislead the public to the point that he is believed by people like Tom. On the other hand if Tom is believing that windmills are disturbing the air flow then he should really start advocating the demolishing of any building with more surface area then a windmill. After all, we don't want the air flow disturbed.
Pickens and Wind
written by Moe, December 25, 2010
I knew this would happen the day he proclaimed his master plan. He is a con artist, and used wind as a bait and switch tactic. Now he can say, " I tried to do the right thing but was defeated", now I'll just focus on gas, oil and anything I can get out of the ground".
@Craig, Low-rated comment [Show]
Any evidence for that Tom?
written by Scatter, December 28, 2010
The amount of energy extracted from the air by wind turbines is minute and always will be up against the energy contained in the wind. And extracting energy from the atmosphere is no bad thing given that warming is all about adding energy. Please provide some evidence to support your belief.
written by Reggie J, December 29, 2010
"The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts." ~James Joyce Let's not forget that Teaspoon Pickens helped finance the Swift Boat Lies against Senator John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election. T.Booner also offered a million dollars to anyone who could disprove a single charge the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth made against Mr. Kerry, when a group of cialis soft Swift boat veterans sympathetic to Mr. Kerry sent Mr. Pickens a letter taking him up on the challenge. In 12 pages, plus a 42-page attachment of military records and other documents, they identified not just one but ten lies in the group’s campaign against Mr. Kerry. Boone's never paid up. That's the kind of business man he is and in my opinion he's not to enter site cheapest levitra prescription be trusted.
Conspiracy Theory
written by matt, December 29, 2010
Interestingly enough, what Pickens is really about is Blue Oil. As stated above, water is MORE valuable than oil and is an easy market. What he is really doing is stealing a natural resource from yall and selling it. Water is a resource we cannot survive without. Now he really has a niche, petroleum needed to produce plastic to contain water. Oil and water= Pickens. With all the past scams, ie. Madoff, Bush, Cheney, TARP, etc. why is Pickens a surprise. Just another good ole boy screwing the world and smiling all the way to the bank. Wake up!!!

See Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, it explains it well ( no pun intended )
Bad job of reporting...
written by Bob Wallace, January 03, 2011
Pickens has given up on building a wind farm in Texas due to problems with transmission and, I would expect, the Texas grid becoming somewhat unable to absorb significantly more wind.

He is probably going to move much of the operation to Canada and has stated that he will announce the location of a 500MW wind farm this month.
written by Mr P90x, February 11, 2011
What happened, did he ran out of money? Got people all hype up over this wind power then all fall to the drain. What a waste!
written by Michael O'Brien, February 27, 2011
Water Rights , Nat. Gas . I wonder what the frac T.B. is up 2 .

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