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OCT 05

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"Finally! It is amazing it took so long to bring solar back to the whit..."

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Solar Power Coming to the White House in 2011

Just a month after turning down a group of college students who wanted to put the old Carter-era solar panels back on the White House, the Obama administration has announced that the White House will, indeed, go solar, just with new units.

The White House will become home to a solar PV system and a solar hot water heater by Spring 2011.  No word yet on the amount of kilowatts we're talking about here, but it will likely be a modest amount.  The DOE is asking companies to viagra without prescription submit proposals for the contract, so we'll also have to wait a bit to know who will be responsible for the installations.

Nancy Sutley, Chair of the cialis on women White House Council on Environmental Quality said:

"President Obama has said the Federal Government has to lead by example in creating opportunity and jobs in clean energy.  By installing solar panels on arguably the most famous house in the country, his residence, the President is underscoring that commitment to lead and the promise and importance of renewable energy in the United States."

We've felt all along that Obama needed to show some personal leadership when it comes to renewable energy and this is exactly the type of thing we were hoping for.  We still have a long way to viagra 50mg online go, but today is buy cialis australia an exciting day.

via DOE Release


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Good, now everyone else should follow
written by Hanna, October 08, 2010
Great news! I really agree with Sutley how The White House should lead in example. Solar Energy is a great alternative that I think everyone should be able to have, whether they be poor or rich.
written by Luca Masters, October 09, 2010
Back in the day, before many of us were even born, a forward-thinking president put solar panels on the White House.

Seven years later, a backward thinking president (or 'The Greatest American' as some call him) removed them.

It's great that Obama's doing this, but...we have a fundamental political problem that needs addressing.
Long over due
written by Larry Stanley, October 14, 2010
Finally! It is amazing it took so long to bring solar back to the white house. Now for the rest of recommended site 100mg levitra our government both federal and local to add solar and wind power generation to their buildings as fast as possible to lead by example. Otherwise most of the nation will not follow.

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