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"Very nice. I do question the water savings number: is that 4 million c..."

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Yahoo Unveils Super Efficient Data Center

It was just a little over a year ago that Yahoo announced it was building a super-effiicient data center in Lockport, NY - one that would be powered by Niagara Falls.  Just this week, the company unveiled the finished product.

The Lockport facility will indeed be powered by Niagara Falls hydropower, but the impressive part of cialis united health care the data center is the efficient design.  Called the Yahoo Computing Coop, the facility was modeled after a chicken coop, with long, narrow buildings that encourage re-circulation of Lockport's cool air.  Between the cool climate and the efficient design, the data center will only use one percent of the energy it requires annually on cooling.  That is a very significant reduction as most traditional data centers use upwards of 50 percent of energy demand on buy cialis in canada cooling.

Here are some more numbers.  The data center will use 40 percent less energy and at least 95 percent less water than a conventional data center.  The energy saved is roughly equivalent to the electricity used by 9,000 NY houses each year and the water saved is equal to super active cialis 20mg australia the amount that flows over Niagara Falls each minute (about 4 million cubic feet's worth).

Yahoo owes most of the credit to the Lockport location:  the cool climate, regular winds and proximity to ample hydropower.  But the company capitalized on those things with a smart design and use of more efficient technology, something that other tech companies could easily replicate.

via Yahoo Blog

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written by hydrophilia, October 04, 2010
Very nice. I do question the water savings number: is that 4 million cubic feet the amount saved in a year or in the facility's expected lifespan?

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