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"Colonoscopy here we come! ;) All kidding aside, I can see that this ca..."

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Snakebot - a Robot that Maneuvers Like a Snake


We are always intrigued by biomimetic technologies that find answers based in imitating naturally developed systems. Mechanical locomotion that imitates animal locomotion is particularly interesting. So we liked finding this video of a robotic snake being which is developed by a team at Carnegie Mellon University.

The motion of the snake-bot would allow it to maneuver through tighter spaces than either people or other mechanisms can easily move through. According to the researchers, "Snake robots can use their many internal degrees of freedom to thread through tightly packed volumes accessing locations that people and levitra ed machinery otherwise cannot use." The flexibility and maneuverability of the snakebot allow it to move through a wide range of terrain types, and could be useful for a range of tasks from building maintenance to field research.

See the video after the just try! cialis generic brand jump...

Many more videos are on the team's website, demonstrating a range of motions that the snakebot can perform.

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via: BoingBoing

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This will be great...
written by shek, September 06, 2010
for unclogging my toilet!
written by Karan, September 06, 2010
Colonoscopy here we come! smilies/wink.gif All kidding aside, I can see that this can be useful or it will inspire something useful..

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