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JUL 28

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"Seems like the high sticker price will not do much to encourage people..."

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Microsoft Hohm Launches Real-Time Wireless Meter Reading

Users of purchasing 50 mg viagra on line Microsoft's Hohm energy management software can now access real-time meter readings from anywhere with a wireless signal.  The company has partnered up with Blue Line Innovations, which will provide a wireless sensor that links your meter to your Hohm account.

While the online Hohm service has been free, the Blue Line upgrade will cost extra.  It's $250 for the package, which includes the sensor that mounts to the cialis 20 mg tablet meter, a wireless in-home energy monitoring device and a WiFi gateway.  But the benefits include being able to see energy usage data in real-time and make adjustments, like turning off lights or electronics, if needed.

Before now, users could monitor their energy use only through analyzing past data provided by their utilities or by manually entering information from energy bills.  This upgrade will likely show the true value of energy management software:  the ability to instantly see the impact of your energy use, at any time, any where.

The only downer is that while Hohm has been accessible by any browser or operating system, the upgrade will only work with a Windows machine.

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Community Manager
written by Elliott Lemenager, July 28, 2010
If anyone has any questions about the Blue Line and Hohm partnership feel free to reach out to me. You can also talk to our community as well on and on, we did give a device to one of our community members (Joel Telling) that you can talk to about his experience as well.

Elliott Lemenager – Microsoft Hohm Community Manager
A bit pricy?
written by Wouter, July 28, 2010
That's a lot of energy that you need to save before you ern back a $250,- investment...

Prices of the hardware needed are less then $10,-! Maybe just built the Blue Line yourself?
Automatic updates anyone?
written by Mike, July 29, 2010
I doubt very much if this technology will get wings. It is rather expensive and the reputation of Microsoft for producing high quality robust software is poor.

This technology might work if the electricity authorities/companies included this capability in their standard metering equipment and provided a web interface to the customer's data from a the electricity company's server.

Inquire of female herbal cialis your electric company before buying....
written by Doc Rings, July 30, 2010
I know my Electric Co-op is order canada super viagra installing digital "smart" Sensus iCon meters over the next year or so...we're scheduled for December. Sounds like we'll be able to get instantaneous updates of electric usage through a website.
Before you buy the Microsoft package, I'd call your electric company and see if they plan any smart meter installs that might render the Hohm meter reader "moot".
written by Elemental LED staff, August 02, 2010
Seems like the high sticker price will not do much to encourage people to think about and adjust their energy usage in concrete ways. Why should conserving energy cost a consumer more?

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