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JUL 12

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"This story is an inspiration. It just shows how far we've come, to the..."

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Solar Impulse Completes 24-Hour Solar Flight


The idea of a round-the-world solar flight took a big step closer to reality with the completion of a test flight lasting over 24 hours.

The Solar Impulse, a completely solar powered plane, had its maiden flight just a couple months ago. Now, it has proved itself in an even bigger test by flying through the night on the stored power it collected during its daytime flight. The plane was flown by André Borschberg, the CEO and co-founder of the Solar Impulse project who, after landing, remarked, “I have just flown more than 26 hours without using a drop of buy branded levitra fuel and online pharmacy viagra without causing any pollution!”

From this, the next steps of the program will get even more ambitious. In 2011, Solar Impulse plans to build a second plane which will be capable of making ocean crossing flights. Then, it is projected that in 2013 they will undertake a round the cheap levitra with fast delivery world flight.

via: ZDNet

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written by SolarTownSara, July 15, 2010
This story is an inspiration. It just shows how far we've come, to the point that we are fully capable of designing planes that can travel without causing pollution or carbon emissions.

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