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JUL 07

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"has co2 been studied with other species? with land dwelling species? j..."

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Increased CO2 Causes Clownfish to Lose Sense of Smell, Swim Toward Predators

Climate change is having a dramatic affect on the oceans -- rising sea levels, warming temperatures, increased acidity -- all of which will take its toll on sea life.  The clownfish will have a particularly hard time surviving, as scientists have discovered that rising CO2 levels in the oceans alter their sense of smell, preventing them from evading predators and viagra pfizer uk finding shelter.

Researchers at James Cook University simulated CO2 levels within the tramadol pounds online range predicted for the end of the century with clownfish larvae.  The experiments tested their behavior at increasing concentrations.   At 550 ppm of CO2, the current concentration, larvae were able to detect a predator and swim in the opposite direction, but as the concentrations rose to 700 ppm, only half the larvae swam away, with the other half swimming toward a predator.

At the highest concentration, 850 ppm, their sense of smell was completely askew and all larvae swam toward the predator.

The same researchers carried out experiments last year that showed that rising CO2 levels also prevented baby clownfish from being able to find their way home.

The researchers think that the overnight canadian levitra CO2 could be affecting the fishes' neurons and confusing how they perceive threats and interpret smells and that other fish will likely be similarly affected.

via Discover Magazine


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written by environmental services, July 08, 2010
We have known a lot of bad effects of not taking good care of our environment. We should be responsible in taking good care of our nature before its too late. It is sad to see all beautiful creations diminishing.
written by Alice, July 12, 2010
This is just so sad smilies/sad.gif These creatures are beautiful and beneficial to the ocean's ecosystem. And yet, climate change and online pharmacy viagra ocean acidification has damaged their entire lives. It is quite obvious that climate change has a lot of negative effects on the environment; why are people still denying it? If you want to enter site levitra online order live here on Earth and have your kids grow up in a healthy place, then do your part and take care of it.
written by sarah, July 14, 2010
has co2 been studied with other species? with land dwelling species? just curious. yea they're cute little buddies... not that I don't want sharks to eat too but...well maybe it has something to do with the ecosystem balance. in a crowded sea there is more co2 so if more less fish exist, then there would be less co2. maybe nature would just assume thin out the populations of canadian cialis everything... mean while humans keep expanding... maybe i shouldn't have kids after all.

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