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JUL 02

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"What good is this stupid article? What can anyone gain from it? It's t..."

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Keep Snapping Away With a Solar-Powered Camera Strap

A low or dead battery when you've found the perfect shot is a photographer's nightmare, but with a solar-powered camera strap you can snap pictures all day.

The aptly named Solar Camera Strap hangs around your neck, collecting the suns rays and cialis and canada custom juicing up your camera.  The one drawback is pill price viagra that the strap feeds directly into the battery port, which means there's no back-up power supply if the cheap levitra from uk sun goes down.

But on sunny days, the memory card capacity is the only limit and, at the very least, it lets you save the battery for those nighttime shots.

While just a concept design now, this is one we can see making it to shelves soon.

via Inhabitat

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Compatible with which cameras?
written by Julie Herrick, July 02, 2010
The picture shows an SLR camera. Would it also be compatible with a point & shoot camera that uses AA batteries? I wonder how the wires get inside. Would I have to leave the battery door open while shooting?

This would be awesome for backpacking.
written by fakename, July 05, 2010
solar powered camera strap to go with my solar powered flashlight? maybe a wearable solar panel to charge any gadget would be of use but this just seems useless/stupid to me...
What the hell?
written by james1st, January 18, 2011
What good is this stupid article? What can anyone gain from it? It's the last time I look at this stupid site.

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