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JUL 02

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"Wow thats awesome! folding shopping carts are great...."

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It's a Bike, It's a Shopping Cart, It's Both!

A cool new folding bike design solves the "where do I put my bags?" and "where do I put my bike?" issues of cycling to the store.  The Ville, Urban Folding Bicycle features two ample storage baskets and just try! buy cialis online without a prescription folds into a cart to help you shop.

Designer Hyuk-Jae Chang created the Ville.  This great idea gets rid of the need to lock your bike up while you're in the store -- you just take it in with you.  The middle hinge allows the bike to fold up and become a perfectly-sized grocery cart.  In four steps and the no rx tramadol cheap touch of a button, you're ready to cruise the aisles.

When you're done shopping, the bags stay in the baskets and you can pedal home.  If you live close enough to a store, it really eliminates any excuse to drive instead of ride.  We've seen some cool urban bike concepts and this one, while low-tech, ranks near the top.

Chang designed the bike with Cannondale in mind.  I sure hope they're paying attention.

via Treehugger

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written by sarah, July 07, 2010
if a folding bike is also useful... sweet... but what's the price tag looking like?
written by SolarSara, July 12, 2010
That is a great invention! A bike and shopping cart in one! If you live really close to a grocery store or stores that you frequent in general, it eliminates the need for cars, which saves a lot of money and promotes clean energy for everyone!
written by Stuckinschool, January 26, 2011
smilies/cheesy.gif I want one!!
written by Steve Rodgers, June 18, 2013
Wow thats awesome! folding shopping carts are great.

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