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JUN 18

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"To build on your comment a bit, if you need A/C you probably also have..."

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NREL Invents 90% More Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

NREL is always discovering and levitra buy now creating amazing things.  This time, the team of scientists has invented an air conditioning process that is 90 percent more efficient than the top of the line units available today.

Air conditioning is responsible for about five percent of the nation's annual energy use, so in addition to better insulated and better designed buildings, more efficient air conditioning units are a necessary stepping stone on our way to more efficient buildings.

The air conditioning process uses "membranes, evaporative cooling and liquid desiccants" to remove heat from the air.  Evaporative cooling is a process that has only worked well in dry climates in the past because the cooled air has added humidity.  NREL has solved that issue in their DEVap technology through the addition of the liquid desiccants, which remove humidity from the cooled air.

Another benefit of buy levitra from canada the DEVap process is sildenafil that it uses salt solutions instead of the refrigerants chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFSs), which contribute about 2,000 pounds of CO2 per pound of refrigerant.

The DEVap technology will be under development for the just try! cheap canadian levitra next five years, but once NREL has it perfected, it will license it for commercial use.  Luckily, the unit is designed to replace existing units with little changes necessary, so these could easily be phased in when the technology is ready.

via MIT Technology Review


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written by Doc Rings, June 19, 2010
What they don't say is that there is extra energy required to levitra info "boil off the water in the calcium chloride dessicant"... which, yes, could be waste energy, but for most retrofits, would just be a heating coil, sucking up, and wasting, any benefits of this process.
What is with the CSI effects?
written by Kev, June 20, 2010
What does a person staring at a color spectrum (as shown in the image accompanying the article) have to do with an evaporative air cooler?

written by James, June 22, 2010
Liquid desicant systems are not new, they have been in use since the 30's mostly in industrial applications where they are used for dehumidification and that is the key point- they dehumidify more efficiently than using a chilled coil i.e. ac, but the net effect is the air temperature is mastercard tramadol higher not lower, though it does take less energy to cool down the now dryer air. As to Doc Rings comment, low grade heat like solar thermal can be used to heat the desicant. One of the limiting factors to adoption is the highly corrosive nature of the desicants and the challenges of wow)) generic cialis from canada keeping the desicant out of the airstream into the space. The systems have great potential and are only held back by the resolution of technical issues.
written by Air Conditioning Contractors Grants Pass, July 08, 2010
A question "2,000 pounds of CO2 per pound of refrigerant" has to be some typo there somewhere?
@ James
written by Wizbot, August 18, 2010
To build on your comment a bit, if you need A/C you probably also have solar heat available which could be used to evaporate the buy low price cialis water. It would seem like a good idea to build a solar-powered evaporator into the units.

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