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Apple Patents Solar-Powered iPod, iPhone

Forget the iPhone 4 that everyone is talking about today, there is a far cooler Apple-related news item to discuss.

Apple has filed a patent for a full range of "media players with integrated touch sensor solar panel surfaces."  Basically, we may soon be seeing solar-powered iPods, iPhones and buy levitra online us even iPads.

The neatest feature of this patent that puts it a few steps above your typical solar-cell-covered cell phone is the placement of the solar cells underneath the multi-touch surface.  Your iPhone will still look like an iPhone, but it will run on the sun's energy.

The recent switch from a metal backside on the iPhone to a glass one (see the the best pharmacy store iPhone 4 details) would allow for an internal double-sided solar panel, as shown in the patent diagrams.  This makes it clear that Apple is moving in the direction of integrating solar cells.

The patent shows that the solar cells would charge the rechargeable battery, which will run the media player or the battery can run the media player directly (i.e. you'll still be able to charge it the old-fashioned way).

For detailed photos of viagra sale uk the patent, head over to Patently Apple and read their full description.

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written by Hanna Inoue, June 08, 2010
This is pretty spectacular. smilies/cheesy.gif If it's solar powered, there's no need to search for your charger every time you need to use it! Hope they'll be in stores soon~
How about publishing some green stories
written by Phil, June 08, 2010
How much pollution and garbage is generated in making one of these consumerist toys? How many poor Chinese workers will suicide because of their intolerable working conditions?
written by Steve, June 08, 2010
Why don't you have a FB site?
solar power in the Uk
written by mvb627, June 09, 2010
This charger was put out in the Uk. Just a thought when looking at this article.smilies/grin.gif
System Administrator
written by Daniel, June 09, 2010
That's Awesome! smilies/grin.gif Reminds me of the solor calculators.
Good idea, but...
written by Carl, June 10, 2010
Wouldn't your hands be covering the device when you're using it, making it hard to get much sun on the solar cells? Also, do you really want your iPhone or iPod out in the sun that much? How well do those devices work when they're really hot?
Nice idea but..
written by Dave, June 12, 2010
I've experimented quite a lot with taking my iPhone "off-grid". To charge an iPhone (or any phone) you need an output 500mA over 2-3 hours. A solar panel capable of that kind of output is levitra drugs for sale online far larger than an iPhone, maybe 50cm x 50cm. And then it will only work in direct sunlight (not if you angle it away or a cloud covers the sun). A built-in solar panel may be useful as a "top up" but don't think you'll ever be able to run your iPhone permanently off it.
written by Mike, June 12, 2010
That really would be awesome. I don't have an iPhone yet, but when I finally get on tramadol cod imitrex diet pill board I hope it comes solar equipped. I wonder if they could make an argument that the power you save at home will eventually pay off...I can't imagine it costs more than a cent or two to charge your phone

written by Honsenby, June 14, 2010
This is so cool. If I buy one, then I can go anywhere the sun is shining and get free power! Plus I have cool inside feelings, knowing I have Apple device which demonstrates me to be a better human than non Apple device people.

Apple might put grid feeder socket so can sell power from the phone to electrik providore. I calculate Phone pay for itself in 12,326 years.
written by Stephen Spates, June 16, 2010
The idea is probably to extend the battery life, not fully charge the device. And if you are using the iPhone, it would be charging since the solar is behind the screen and charges while the buy cialis at a discount screen is up.
Solar Energy
written by Homes and Interiors, January 06, 2012
A small step in the future.

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