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Using Underwater Kites to Generate Power


Minesto, a spin-off from Swedish automaker Saab, is developing what it calls it's "Deep Green" technology, underwater kites tethered to the ocean floor that could produce continuous energy from tidal flows. A single Deep Green turbine could produce up to 500 kilowatts of electricity. And tides are much more regular than winds, so that the energy produced would be less erratic and we like it best place levitra variable.

The kites have a 12m (almost 40 ft) wingspan. The kites would remain at least 20m (66 feet) below the surface, to prevent conflicts with ocean navigation and minimize visual impact. Tidal flow as low as 1.6 meters/second can be used to get viagra fast create the lift necessary to move the kite.

Since the underwater kite is anchored to the ocean floor, it is able to move at much faster speeds, which makes the turbine more effective, as it traverses back and forth in order to generate electricity. Although wind-based deepwater offshore power systems are difficult to install and operate, Deep Green tidal kites would be well suited for instalation in deeper waters. Furthermore, the underwater kites are much lighter and easier to install than the equipment needed for other deepwater generation systems. Deepwater generating systems have the additional expense and technical hurdles of transmitting the power over a greater distance. But the higher efficiency and more consistent generation offered by Deep Green could offset those drawbacks.

The company indicates the buy canadian levitra online Deep Green system offers an operating cost of 0.06-0.14 Euros/kWh, as compared to best viagra online sales 0.15-0.30 Euros/kWh for other tidal systems, and 0.10-0.12 Euros/kWh for offshore wind systems.

A scale model of Deep Green will be tested in Northern Ireland next year as the next stage of development for this system.

via: Slashdot

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written by Jenny, May 11, 2010
ahh! It's like something out of science-fiction only more awesome because a) it's real and buy cheap cialis without a prescription b) it helps with the whole not-wanting-to-use-oil-etc thing!! I can't wait to see how it develops smilies/cheesy.gif
Why only tides?
written by baeba Roja, May 11, 2010
Why not just plant these in the gulf stream and have a continuous source of electricity?
Under the sea and up in the air
written by mkass, May 11, 2010
This plan coupled with this one ( could generate significant electrical power! Out of the box thinking. These items are above and below the box alright!
written by Gary, May 11, 2010
SAAB is not an auto maker, since they were sold by GM to Spyker (Holland) and BAIC (China). I suspect you are meaning SAAB the airplane maker in this case. Why can't journalists conduct proper research before writing?

I doubt if SAAB the auto maker is capable of designing a toolbox any longer let alone this kind of kit.
Really Ingenious!!
written by Bucket Truck, May 11, 2010
That is really impresive, they kind of look like the stark trek interprise smilies/wink.gif
written by Cornelia Daniel, May 11, 2010
awesome idea!

@gary why so rude, although you're right but you could put it a bit nicer I think. the logo on genuine viagra wholesalers the cailis canadian farmacy Deep Green Technology Website is the one from the airplane company
Effects on Ocean Curents
written by SMU Cox MBA, May 11, 2010
We already know that air travel and now wind turbines are having effects on the worlds weather patterns. Now we're going to start screwing with the ocean??? I'm not so sure this is a wise idea. If you start harvesting energy out of the currents, you can slow them which can actually cause much faster climate change than what we're seeing now.
written by Shaktiva, May 12, 2010
Changing the currents below and imposing more technology on the already frail ocean-life...that will help starve them out.
written by rennagade, May 12, 2010
No way would this ever have an effect on sea currents. That would be similar to throwing a grain of cialis +2 free viagra sand over Niagara Falls once a week would have an effect on the falls. And the only thing wind turbines have a negative effect on is scenery and birds do collide with the blades.
written by Blake, May 14, 2010
You are wrong about having no effect. If there were sufficient of these devices AND they extract energy from the tide then it will have an effect. The effect could be as subtle as lowering the velocity of the tidal flow right through to altering the Earth's orbit in space.
written by trapper, May 20, 2010
chill fella, you would need lots and lots of these to have an effect, do the Mid oceanic ridges stop deep water currents nup, we are talking serious amounts and violumes of water and energy. these currents (in tandem with insolation) basically power the worlds meteorology) a couple or several thousand wouldnt be able to affect them, any more than a hill of wind turbines affects the clouds.smilies/grin.gif
written by docjmsa, May 20, 2010
Sounds like a magnificent idea...initially. As a water lover I can appreciate the power generated but am concerned regarding what effect will it stain our ecosystem with?
Gasoline addicted America Doomed!
written by Uncle B, July 23, 2010
Solar, wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Nuclear sources of electrical power - useless for running Yankee Doodle's V-8 gasoline engines! China's electric bullet train networks(up and running) need electricity to tramadol prices support the infrastructure built around them. Currently, they produce goods for the U.S.A. on veggies and ride and Nuclear energy! Good show! Eco-smart and all! When the oil crunch hits, Americans will try to buy these miracle trains and buy canada in levitra their high efficiency reactors from China. Will China be able to furnish enough , fast enough to save America? Will China accept fiat, printing pressed money for their goods? Is Yankee Doodle in for a great fall? Watch the buy prescription levitrabuy levitra in the uk news for the next few decades for the correct answers! We really are past peak oil production for the whole world!
written by SEO Company in Joplin, Missouri, February 10, 2011
Man, I really like the idea of cialis professional no prescription this. using the natural forces like the ocean to provide humans energy is the best possible solution to the energy crunch. I've never heard of this before.
Thanks for the info... great post!
written by joplin seo company, February 14, 2011
I think that these underwater kites are a great way to implement a renewable source of energy. It's like the new, more efficient use of wind turbines or hydro-power. Keep us updated on how this technology gets implemented.

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