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MAR 08

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"In Mexico, 100% of the public schools incorporate environmental conten..."

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Nation's First Net Zero School Coming to Kentucky

Warren County Kentucky is building the first net-zero energy school in the country.  Richardsville Elementary School will operate free of the grid by generating its own renewable energy, incorporating smart architectural features and a major emphasis on efficiency.

The list of features for this school is levitra online shop uk mind-boggling.  The school will have thin-film PV roof arrays, solar water heating, geothermal HVAC, insulated concrete form walls, a rainwater collection system and energy-efficient lighting.  The building is designed to take full advantage of natural light and wind for cooling. The plot of land includes a reclaimed brownfield, preserved woodland, a protected stream and bioswales.

Because this is a school and not just any building, all of these features will be used as educational tools.  The building will be divided into hallways that focus on specific parts of sustainable living.  The solar hallway will allow the students to see how much energy the solar panels are generating, the geothermal hallway will display temperature gauges for the geothermal system, the water conservation hallway will show how much rainwater has been collected and used in the bathrooms and the wow look it buy kamagra recycling hallway highlights the schools recycling efforts around the campus.

You can check out the school's website to stay up-to-date on the construction.  The school is set to be completed this summer and viagra purchesed on line out of canada open to students in the fall.

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written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, March 09, 2010
This certainly can pave the way for future schools. For a new generation this can truly be a great success story. The one draw back is the cost for a school of best cialis this magnitude. I am almost positive that certain government grants will help make it somewhat affordable.
Great Prototype
written by J.E.Moores, March 09, 2010
As with the first prototype of anything, it costs a lot to make the first one, but you use it to troubleshoot the design. Come up with ways to make it better, and get on with a mass production scale once major bugs are worked out. There is a lot to balance when creating so many innovations together at once. The kids that go to usefull link generic viagra online school here will have many ideas on what works and what doesn't. Don't forget to ask the kids about what needs to be changed, because only they will know.
written by Garett Long, March 10, 2010
Bio swales? I think they mean "bioswales"

In a school? On a school? Under a school?
Strategic Consultant, GreenTech (CARICOM) iNC.
written by Dr. Denis Dudley, March 11, 2010
The Richardsville School is based on best online levitra the ideal concept of a NetZero or Zero Energy Building. It incorporates several ancillary technologies with a Nudura ICF building envelope to attain NetZero performance. The added systems are what increases the school's capital costs. Energy Savings Cost Studies project that energy savings could be $223,000 annually.It must be realized that there are substantial rewards to building without actually attaing Zero Energy. Seven other schools built with Nudura ICF illustrate this:
1.Activity in the USA Education Sector has been a showcase for the benefits of Nudura ICF construction:
Construction costs are generally lower than all other methods of construction by 5-15% in schools. The only other method that is about 5% lower than Nudura is 2x4 wood framing.
2.Faster construction times up to 30%.
3.Significant average energy savings of $2-3/ sq. ft/year.
4. An Energy Star Rating is defined as a building with energy use < 50kBTU/sq. ft/year. Analysis of 8 Nudura schools show median value was 34 kBTU/sq.ft/year (range 18-43).
5. Nudura schools show valuable energy savings without neccessarily building to NetZero. These schools can reduce the energy consumption per student/ year from the National Average in non-ICF schools of mexican generic cialis 72,000 BTU to < 36,000 BTU. Richardsville should attain the impressive low of 18,000 BTU /student/year.
Just building with Nudura and ensuring an efficient envelope, including windows, doors,solar thermal DHW, cool roof systems etc will keep capital costs competitive.
Pragmatic geographic cost/benefit analysis should determine if it is reasonable to real cialis aim for NetZero. Several factors are considered including the cost of energy, latitude, access to water sources for geothermal etc. Building with Nudura allows AC and heating equipment to be downsized by 50-75%, which reduces capital and operational costs for the project.
written by Dr. Denis Dudley, March 12, 2010
To The Editor:

Please be so kind to correct the typo, if at all possible, in line 6 where the word "attaining" is shown as 'attaing'. My sincere apology for this typo.

written by Audrey, March 16, 2010
I'm a high school student in Warron Co and I can tell you there is definitely no Richardsville Elem opening this fall, nor is there one under construction to my knowledge. There is, however, a South Warren high school/ middle school opening this fall that i've heard is indian generic viagra very efficeient anad may be the school you're refering to. Hope that helps
written by Cameron Ware, May 07, 2010
Warren County Kentucky -- I've visited the job and it definately exists!
Environmental education
written by Stuart Gibson, November 18, 2010
In Mexico, 100% of the public schools incorporate environmental content in their study plan. This is such a great example to follow, the environment and its current issues are too much of a big deal to ignore it, specially in our schools!

Check out COP16 at

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