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MAR 03

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"In 2009 the US added about 10GW of new wind power, or more than 25TWh/..."

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Sweden Building 2,000 Wind Turbines over Next Ten Years

Sweden's energy minister, Maud Olofsson, announced yesterday that the country would install 2,000 wind turbines over the generic viagra usa next decade that would add to buy ultram legally 10 terawatt hours of clean energy per year.

The country is also aiming to have 50 percent of its electricity come from renewable sources by 2020.  To reach that goal, Sweden will be adding another 15 TWh of renewable energy from sources like solar power and cialis in spain biofuels in addition to the wind power.

Sweden already gets 20 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources, mainly hydroelectricity plants, so the 50 percent mark will not be impossible for them to reach.

via AP


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Do not confuse electricity and energy
written by ferridder, March 04, 2010
50% of Sweden's electricity comes from water power already today, the goal is to have 50% of total energy usage (including transportation and heating) come from renewable sources.
written by April, March 04, 2010
Almost more important, don't confuse changing the renewable certificates quotas to building wind turbines. Wind may be the beneficiary of the quota change, but developers may have a hard time finding and getting good projects financed. Sweden also has a middlin' NIMBY attitude to enter site viagra to order wind - the rules allow municipalities to block wind plants. It took a decade to get to 1,000 turbines, which just happened recently, and growth of wind slowed significantly since the economic crisis. So the quota change is just one factor to consider.
Put in perspective to US wind additions in 2009
written by Carl Hage, March 04, 2010
In 2009 the US added about 10GW of new wind power, or more than 25TWh/y. In other words, the US last year alone added 2.5x more capacity than the generic viagra levitra cialis 10 year Swedish plan.

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