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FEB 24

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"The Solyndra case proves that the DOE LOAN and ATVM funding was based ..."

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BrightSource Gets $1.4 Billion DOE Loan Guarantee for 400 MW of Solar Thermal

BrightSource Energy, Inc
has received $1.37 billion in loan guarantees from the DOE for 400 MW's worth of solar thermal energy projects through the American Recovery and enter site discount cialis india Reinvestment Act.

With the funding, the company is constructing three utility-scale concentrated solar plants that will make up the discounted tramadol Ivanpah Solar Complex. Located in the Mojave Desert on federally-owned land, the complex will be the largest in the world and will double the capacity of installed solar thermal in the country.  It will produce enough electricity to power 140,000 California homes.

The first plant will start construction this year and be completed in 2012, while the other two have completion dates of mid-to-late 2013.  PG&E and SCE have entered into long-term agreements to purchase the power generated by the plants.

BrightSource was one of levitra presciptions online the companies with renewable energy projects biding their time in the Bureau of Land Management approval process glut.  We're glad to ordering generic viagra online from canada see such a large project make it through and to get federal financing support as well.

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written by Tommy Core, May 02, 2011
The Solyndra case proves that the DOE LOAN and ATVM funding was based on online cialis cheap pure bribery and lobby manipulation. All of the failure points on Solyndra have been visible for ages. Feinstein and DOE pushed the money to Solyndra in exchange for pass by fees to their friends and campaigns.

Kleiner Perkins put Chu in office as Secratary in order to get favored nations funding for their portfolio companies and levitra in canada keep competitors to those portfolio companies from getting funded. Steve Westly and Kholsa helped them along with Raj Gupta.

Detroit's lobbyists said,” we can’t get you any more taxpayer money because the public knows we are liars” “Tell them we need the money to build electric cars- and then we can BS them into coughing it up” said the lobbyists. The law said that the money was to only today viagra brand name go to any American car company but it only went to a Japanese company and Detroit. (Tesla is now controlled by Detroit no matter what crap Elon foists off so don't say they are not part of it.) All of the independent electric car companies who weren't part of Detroit or the Gore VC's were blockaded from funding. The way they did it is against the law.

The DOE ATVM And Loan Gaurantee programs were conducted by criminals in order to commit crimes. Steve Rattner, who was at the head of those programs, has already been charged with crimes. Lachlan Seward, Matt Rogers and the rest of them need to go to jail.

Steve Rattner (Now a proven criminal by the State of NY), Lachland Seward, Matt Rogers and his partner Steve Spinner and most of canadian discount viagra online Tesla’s friends at McKinsey Consulting from Silicon Valley (Who used Tax payer jets to fly back and forth to Silicon Valley to go bike riding), Steve Westley and a group who now left DOE, and some who are still there are criminals. They stole your tax money and it's great! cialis where to buy put in their friends pockets. Federal investigations have already shown that Detroit embezzeled and misspent the first monies distributed.

The few applicants that did get money spent tens of millions of dollars on bribes and lobby “incentives” equal in ratio to cheapest viagra price usa pharmacies the money they got. Now the White House says that $17B of the taxpayer money that DEtroit got is a write-off and is lost forever. In other words Detroit has already embezzeled more money than all of the other applicants applied for put together.

Google Tesla’s Siry on “DOE stifles innovation” to read what one of the highest level staff at one of the car companies said.

The GAO, a federal crime busting agency, just released public reports saying that the DOE Loan programs were corrupt. All of the people under Seward were “connected” or “made men” in the Detroit cadre. Seward changed the section 136 first-come-first serve rule (Which appears to be illegal) in order to provide advantages to his friends in Detroit who didnt bother to apply in time and to cut out the smaller players who were already ahead in the application proces

Subpeonas of Detroit and DOE Loan Departments will prove crime, corruption, favoritism and rigged contracts were the rule and wow)) cialis buycialis onlin not the exception.

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