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NOV 24

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"It would be of great benefit to the eco-friendly movements around the ..."

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Waste Heat Could Power Computers, Cell Phones

Close to 60 percent of the energy produced by burning fuels or generated by power plants is lost as excess heat.  Computers, cars and cialis in the united kingdom cell phones all have to get rid of excess heat to run properly, creating a significant energy waste.  Researchers at MIT believe they've developed a way to viagraovernight reclaim a majority of that wasted energy and turn it into electricity.

Such an advancement in waste-energy harvesting could produce laptops and cell phones that run twice as long on a battery charge and highly efficient power plants, cars and planes.

The team carried out experiments to see how close to the Carnot Limit - the theoretical efficiency ceiling when converting heat to electricity - they could get.  Current devices only reach about a tenth of the limit, but using thermal diodes, the team was able to achieve 40 percent and they think as much as 90 percent is possible.

The secret to this new level of efficiency was reducing the amount of wow look it next day cialis space between the hot surface and the conversion device, a quantom-dot semiconductor.

A company called MTPV Corp. is already working on commercializing this technology and sees great potential for its use in electronics and viagra uk delivery fast transportation.

via MIT News


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written by bob, November 27, 2009
I'm assuming that the levitra info conversion of the waste heat to electricity also helps cool the device - leading to further benefits.
written by Michele, Fivein5, November 30, 2009
Any way that we can conserve energy and produce more for our effort is worth investigating. Thanks for the informative article!
written by Richard, November 30, 2009
Could it be used in air-conditioning technology?
written by jm, November 30, 2009
Solar wastes 85% of the energy it gets as heat. If this turns out to discount generic levitra be real and feasible, would be great for solar.
Exciting Progress, but needs to be properly framed
written by Ryan, December 02, 2009
The idea that engineers could achieve upwards of 90% of the Carnot efficiency is fantastic, but we need to frame this a bit better.

A thermodynamic cycle requires two thermal bodies at different temperatures to get work out (electricity in this case). The greater the temperature difference, the higher the efficiency. The Carnot cycle, theoretically the most efficient thermodynamic cycle operates as follows:
efficiency = 1 - Temp_Cold/Temp_Hot
The temperatures cold and hot are the temperatures of the two thermal bodies that the Carnot cycle is in contact with and are based on absolute temperature scales (Kelvin and Rankin not Celsius or Fahrenheit).

As an example, a computer processor is measured at 80 degrees Celsius (353 Kelvin) and is producing 100 Watts of waste heat. Assuming the room where this processor is located is at 20 degrees Celsius (293 Kelvin), we have established our two thermal bodies.

eff = 1 - T_c/T_h = 1-293/373 = 17% Efficient Theoretical

Waste heat * Eff = Recovered Power

100 Watts * 17% = 17 Watts Theoretical Recovered Electricity

The MIT scientists are aiming to recover upwards of 90% of the Carnot Efficiency, or 90%*17% = 15% or 15 Watts recovered out of 100 Watts.

Presently they have recovered 40%*17% = 7% or 7 Watts out of 100 Watts, which is an enormous improvement over 10% of Carnot.

However, we mustn't get ahead of ourselves, if this team can get achieve 90% of Carnot Efficiency, that will be a big step, but be aware that this is still a relatively small return on the heat used - the teams' success will not yield 90% of all waste heat being converted to electricity, but 90% of the Carnot Efficiency being recovered. Its fascinating work and I very much hope they succeed, but this is one of cheapest cialis to wow it's great price of cialis buy online many things needed to improve our energy efficiency, the likelihood that it alone will double battery life is not accurate.

For those curious, part of the reason why car engines run so hot is price of levitra to increase their efficiency. Power recovery is excellent when dealing with very hot or very cold devices, but the closer each device is to the same temperature, the less efficiency the process can be.
written by radiators, December 03, 2009
What a wonderful idea!
Loss of heat
written by SBryant1, December 09, 2009
It is good to know that everything even down to our cell phones gives off heat! if there is a true way to change things i hope it comes quick enough! I dont want much to change though!
written by Matthew Goulden, December 16, 2009
It would be of great benefit to the eco-friendly movements around the world if the powered their campaigns could be powered with The greenest power possible. Spread the word!

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