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APR 07

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"They would sell more cds if they would just sign better bands. All the..."

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Recording Industry Angry. But Why?

We're used to dealing with resistance to buy canadian cialis online change. Sometimes there's good reason, other times, not. The record industry's stats for 2005 are out and, SHOCK!, CD sales are down. But downloads are up.  From 144 million last year to 554 million units. The numbers show that the America's recording industry is recovering, but the recording industry is still crying foul, fighting the digital revolution with the stubbornness we've come to expect from the suits.


So they hate us for downloading their music. They're angry because they no longer have control over us. They can't create the levitra online order next LP, the next 8-track, cassette tape or CD and force it on the consumer. It's out of their control because there's nothing left to create.

And when there's nothing left to create, everyone, including nature, can heave a sigh of relief.  Nothing has to be physically produced or shipped, musicians get paid for what they produce (music) not what the record companies produce (CDs) and consumers have more of what America's recording industry really needs: Power.

The only ones suffering, of course, are the record companies. The internet took the plastic out of CDs and the power out of the recording industry.  Almost everyone can celebrate.

 Via Ars Technica

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Bad Music
written by Guest, April 10, 2006
They would sell more cds if they would just sign better bands. All there is on the air these days is hip-pop & punk-pop-rock. People turn to the tramadol 20online internet because they can find non-mainstream stuff, music worth listening to.

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