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AUG 24

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"this tiny article is pointless. this isnt news - many companies are i..."

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Peugot Plans Diesel Hybrid for Double Efficiency

3008hybridIt's always been the party line for European car companies that diesel engines save you more gas for less money than hybrid systems. Which is why Peugeot is so late to the hybrid game. Of course, that doesn't mean that they're abandoning diesel. In fact, they'll likely be the buy real levitra online without prescription first to china cialis 50mg soft tab combine clean diesel engines with a hybrid drive train.

The 3008 crossover will likely be the first vehicle to get the hybrid system. The system always has the front wheels powered by the diesel engine, while the back wheels are powered by the electric system. This allows for on-demand 4WD, as well as regenerative braking and best generic cialis 5mg prices added power through they hybrid system when needed. The electric engine is more powerful than those we've seen in other hybrids as well. The car will be able to travel up to 30 mph on electricity alone. All of that combines to give this beefy crossover the fuel efficiency of a tiny car.

Of course, if you add the cost of a diesel system to the cost of a hybrid system, we'll be talking about a pretty dang expensive car here, plus it won't even be available until 2011. But for a 50 MPG SUV, it might be worth the wait and the cost.

This somewhat innovative hybrid system (which Peugeot is calling HYBrid4) will probably be making it's way to other cars soon, including the RCV sports coupe, which will be unveiled at the Frankurt show as well.
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Double efficiency is meaningless
written by Fabrice, August 24, 2009
What exactly does double efficiency mean?
written by Rog, August 24, 2009
Isn't Mahindra planning a diesel-electric hybrid version of its new Appalachian small diesel pickup and their Scorpio small SUV in 2010? Those ought to be vastly more affordable and be a true diesel-electric hybrids.
written by JonnyUtaw, August 24, 2009
But will we see this in the biggest car market in the world, USA? Probably not for a long time. I'm holding out for just a small diesel car.
written by Rog, August 24, 2009
The Mahindra Appalachian diesel-only small pickup is purchase tramadol without prescription already here in the US. The diesel-electric hybrid is supposedly on it's cool buy viagra online no prescription the way for 2010 or 2011:
written by Bob Wallace, August 24, 2009
I expect to see rapid improvements in batteries over the next 5 to 10 years.

It would seem that wise design would allow for easy battery switch out. It would also seem that the enter site viagra 20 mg Volt's hybrid system is a better transition system.

Let's say a battery comes on line five years from now that gives significantly more range per pound, charges quickly, and we get a decent number of quick charge stations along our major highways. (And battery costs drop significantly due to manaufacturing advancements and volume.)

If one had a Volt-like PHEV it might make sense to jerk out the original battery pack and the ICE and replace that space/weight with superior batteries thus taking a body with lots of miles left in it into a pure EV.
written by Ken Grubb, August 24, 2009
A 3008 crossover from Peugeot? Brilliant. I only have to wait 999 years for it to come to usefull link best canadian pharmacy market.
Biggest Car Market
written by GromitsDad, August 25, 2009
JonnyUtaw - is the USA the world's biggest car market ? 300 million Americans and 400 million Europeans. India and only today generic levitra india China have much larger poulations but are both in catch-up mode.

USA vs Europe might be a close call.
inaccurate, misleading, badly written, not green news
written by MBoardman, September 03, 2009
this tiny article is pointless. this isnt news - many companies are introducing new drivetrain concepts and I rarely see any of their R&D publicity reflected here. Hank Green doesnt know how to punctuate properly, or write with common gramatical correctness. and what does double efficiency even mean? He never explains it. A diesel engine is no more "efficiency" than any now-common miserly gas engine. His sentences are run-ons and fragments, incompletes, resulting in a stunted feel. You have to read things twice to get their meaning, only to realize there is no meaning here. Pathetic article, and he needs more english classes or another career. Its great that Puegot is getting into the hybrid game, but lets not act like this car is any big deal, cause its not.

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