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AUG 18

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" Considering the tramadol no perscription nature of the raw resource, the zoo isn't the only s..."

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Zoo Animals Could Hold Key to Butanol Biofuels

Researchers at Tulane University are hoping that the droppings of zoo animals could hold the key to butanol biofuels.  We've written before about "zoo poo" being collected for environmental good, but in that scenario, the zoo was using the feces itself to power its facilities.  This time, the scientists won't be using the poo directly, but the bacteria within it.

The researchers are looking to extract the bacteria that breaks down cellulose in the follow link buying cialis online canada animals' bodies.  They've collected several strains from a variety of plant-eating animals at the Audubon Zoo.  Ideally, this bacteria will be geneticallly modified to produce more and canadian pharmacy viagra cheap then used in landfills, ultimately turning that waste into fuel.

Butanol has a lot of overnight delivery cialis advantages over ethanol.  It can be easily blended with gasoline, distributed through existing pipelines and can be used in internal combustion engines without any modifications.  It also can be made from waste instead of from crops that compete with food sources for land.

The scientists hope to have enough butanol produced by the end of the year to power a small motor.

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To Whom It May Be Of Interest.
written by Stephen R. Morbley, August 19, 2009
Considering the nature of the raw resource, the zoo
isn't the only source for this alternate fuel source.
The farms and sanitation depts. of any city can also provide the feedstock for buthanol.
Lett's look at the results rather than the means.
It has been said in a 2007 "Technology Review" article that buthanol has potential beyond ethanol as an alternate fuel source. It's been mentioned that the feedstock to generic viagra buy usa produce buthanol is the same as ethanol, It is also mentioned that as an alcohol based fuel
source buthnol stands better than ethanol for a variety of reasons such as it's ability to be used straight as gasoline withouth restructing the auto engine and unlike ethanol, buthanol isn't corrosive thereby enabling it to be transported through pipes.
The use of "zoo-poop" may be an introduction of buthanol into the get discount viagra online world of alternate fuels the way
corn and sugar did with ethanol.
If "zoo-poop" can be found as a raw material fo
this this alternate fuel futher economical material
source will be recognized.
After all, what is the going commodity rate for
raw sewqage these days?

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